I feel like a failure for having to track behaviors. How do I get more motivated?

Angelina A.
if you have to consider your parents in their behavior, consider them unless there is some strange behavior, listen to them at school / work / outside, and behave in your own way as it is right, but in your own way. Stand up for yourself.
Bastien Z.
I sometimes lose motivation as well, but I try to reward myself every day! Motivation can be difficult for some (myself included) so I enjoy tracking my behaviors! Having something to keep myself accountable makes it easier for me to actually do these behaviors. For example, if you want to work out at the gym but keep finding excuses not to go, ask a friend to come with you. You probably won't want to bail on your friend so you will have to go! Good luck on your journey!
Katherine P.
Change your mindset. Tracking behaviors is not failure – that's the pathway to success and gives you a measurable way to track your successes & should make you feel better.
Adele U.
I think you need to remind yourself that we're all human and the fact that we're tracking behaviors makes us even more human because we want to grow and be a better parson for ourselves and our environment so I think you should be proud for wanting to make a change.<3
Jagadeesh F.
You can setup self rewards for tracking your behaviours. Either self or with a partner. That will support your motivation
Jennifer P.
It’s a struggle. Never feel guilty! Once you start getting up and accomplishing things it becomes natural and you will not need reminds. Then you make new goals. You can do this! There are motivations throughout the app, utilize everything you can!
Debora D.
The truth is a lot of people have to track behaviors, ifs something normal for people to do before they reach there goal. Just try thinking about what is on the end of your " path". For example if you are trying to get skinny just think about that. If that doesn't work, whenever I need to get motivated, everytime I achieve my goals i get a reward. And it doesn't have to be ice cream or a cake, ut can just be some tv time. Good luck!
Diego A.
The first step is always the hardest. By taking time to build these life-changing habits now, you will find that over time, it becomes much easier to go through the daily habits. After 2 weeks, you should start to see the fruits of your determination πŸ™‚