How do you motivate yourself when it’s cold outside and it’s discouraging for you?

Alex F.
I try to do it inside house. If you have to go to work all the habits till now will take you about 15 minutes. Also you could use in house exercise trainers free applications on your mobile. It will take about 5 to 8 minutes a day and believe me it works. I had some extra pounds but now I feel very fit after using that application for 10 days. Try it my friend.
Gustav Z.
I sing my happy song:- and do my happy dance; because I am fabulous and nothing is going to stop me.
Champions don’t quit
Alfred Z.
I usually use two methods, one is to remember why I wanted to exercise in the first place. But the second one is remember how long I have been doing this and I should not break the chain.
Florent T.
you need to build the willpower to bring yourself to do something that you don’t want to do. working hard now is going to hurt, but it is going to make you better, fitter, stronger later. think of the end result. think to yourself, “how bad do i really want to reach my goal?” i remember why i started working to continue working even when the conditions are discouraging.
Tristan E.
If it’s for exercise, then I exercise and do something I find enjoyable indoors. If it’s just going outside and facing the day, I prepare myself for the cold and it makes all the difference. A thermos of hot water, hand warmers, and warm clothes. And maybe some jazz or other music that makes me appreciate the cold weather. And there’s a quote that also makes me look at undesirable weather in a different light. It says something along the lines of, clouds no longer enter my world to bring rain and storm—they add color to my sunset sky.
Shane F.
I usually am discouraged afraid of the cold but, I try to tell myself that it's important to go out and breathe from fresh air. I also get encouraged when I hear some kids playing even when it's cold. It just pushes me more.
Anat Lio E.
Prepare for it. As it's cold prepare your jacket near your bed and put on as you leave bed or you can put it on before sleeping
Conrad T.
Play energetic music playlist on iPod.
Dance to Just Dance.
Rug up and walk somewhere exciting, such as the jetty after hours, listening to iPod.
Exercise with Josha – walk.
Resistance exercises indoors with iPod.
Adam S.
I know that if the cold will last long i will behave worse and worse, so i immediatelly start with usual things i do, no matter how cold it is
Heinfried W.
If outside is to cold depending on what it is I just do it. If it's something that I can modify for indoors such as excercise or chores I go after in as a suppliment.
Natali Z.
I try to hang in there. I have thos five minutes rule. I try to do some things five minutes a day, to start new habbits. It usually works, and gives comfort and helps to percervere.
Frederikke G.
I don’t try to do anything too big. Just the smallest thing is ok. Then if I feel I can do more I’m happy, and if I only do the small thing I’m happy. I live by myself and find getting motivated is very hard sometimes but if I’m extra proud of doing something or starting something then I share it with my family on whatsapp.
Good luck. You can do it!! 😀
Serenity Y.
I try to pick a warm outfit that I love before bed. That way when I wake up I’ve got something that motivates me two ways: warm and confident.
Thibaut T.
Typically I just push myself to go harder to warm up faster. Helps me get out the door if I know I won't be as cold very long.
Randall U.
Get nice warm functional outdoor clothing – something that you love to wear. I do enjoy going out in rain and snowy weather as long as I feel really wrapped up. Say to yourself "just 5 minutes and if I don't like it I go back inside." Most of the time you'll keep going because you want to.
August Z.
On dark and gloomy days I often find that exercise has both warmed me up and improves my mood. I find motivation in small victories. Such as, I made it to the gym today, I ran today, or I made an effort today. Every little bit helps even if it’s not as far as you usually go or as much effort as you usually put forth.
Noah G.
You can set in a warm place and may be take a hot coffee or something you like.. And keep thinking in your goals and how you want to be.. It of course motivate you
Phillip X.
I plan a short workout inside instead. There are many great 7-minute exercise apps, great yoga apps or YouTube videos, or I can even just do stairs for 10 minutes while listening to a favorite podcast. I plan my outdoor workouts for the days with nicer weather.
Cherly E.
If I am being completely honest with myself, I dance like no one is watching. In my own home, with loud music. Like I'm a back up dancer for Beyonce!
Allie Q.
Think about your goals. Then think about the steps needed to get there. Then take the first step. Make that a habit. Cold is temporary but your goals are not.
Camille O.
Well. I live in London but o am from Brazil. For many years I felt discouraged until I realised that more than 6 months per year it is cold so I could not let the weather dominate my mood. I am well prepared for cold for rain. Rain coat, impermeable boots, umbrellas, gloves and nothing else stops me 🙂
Tessa X.
Con pequeños detalles, tales como música que me inspira, un fondo de pantalla que me recuerde mi objetivo o me motive, tener fijadas unas notas que tengan cada objetivo que quiero conseguir en ellas.
Leon G.
I always remind myself that nothing can be goods of there isn't Thad. If you feel not so great then clearly something great is on its way so enjoy ur presence while ur not on earth instead of yearning for better weather ! U could be even happier on this cold day than on a boring summer's day! The possibilities are are practically ENDLESS!!!
Laurie N.
I bought a happy light to help. I open all the blinds and curtains to bring the light in. I also feed the birds to help me look outside.
Pio C.
One piece of advice commit, I always have plan B, cold outside l go to the mall and walk. Also gym days my bag is packed and ready to go.
Kathryn O.
Come up with multiple ways to keep warm. Or don’t go outside and do something inside. I try to be flexible and it helps wonders with creating a sustainable routine. It helps make it fun, too.
Sean E.
I might be a bit crazy but I'll walk outside in a T-shirt and shorts really quickly just shock myself awake and then get inside to get something warmer on.
Gloria Z.
I like to use one of the 30 days challenge apps and I do push-ups. You start by doing as many pushups as you can for a test. Even if you can only do one or two, that’s a start. Then the apps will challenge you to do more and more each day. My app is set to
Tobias P.
Exercise inside! But more seriously my exercise routine at the moment is to make sure I do one thing every morning even if thats quite an easy programme. I do the more challenging ones when I'm feeling better
Ivan P.
This is a tough one for me! Some days I wrap my yoga mat in an electric blanket to warm it up before I do my morning exercises. That helps. Other days I simply let myself move more slowly, but I make sure I at least start.
Gail O.
Try to think of how cold weather changes the landscape around you and how beautifull is it. Also, for your first step outside your bed, think of a warm tea and light your stove for a few minutes 😉
Nora Y.
I like to raise the blinds and do my exercise in front of the window. That way, I get the motivation of sunshine without having to be cold. A little exercise is better than nothing.
Jesualdo P.
Start your warmup and a workout before you leave. Build up to where you’re starting to sweat and your body is warmed up. Then go finish outside. The transition is easier AND your body will work harder from there to warm your body so you’ll lose more calories.
Cody E.
I either compromise and allow myself to stay inside as long as all my screens are turned off, or remind myself that it won't feel so cold after 5 minutes of moving, or I plan to reward myself with a hot shower and a warm blanket afterwards, or I bring a hot water bottle with me if it's really cold out and the activity suits.

Failing all that, I lean on pure bloodimindedness and beat the discouragement with a stick.

Enrique N.
I take it as a sign that I need more self care and will stay inside and workout to a YouTube video and have tea. Complete a project at home that's been waiting. Or if I absolutely must leave, I have coffee or tea and bundle up extra. Sometimes I bring an led votive candle in my purse with a crystal for strength and light.
Sophia O.
Hi, usually I'm not going out for excercises. So then you will think I have a mini gymnasium at home. 😊 really I don't have a gymnasium at home. I'm practising very interesting excercises like rythemic body movements. It always make me happy energetic & give free motivation to continue. Even I have no scheduled time for workouts than cooking & cleaning time. I have house helpers but almost all the time, I have finished my house work before they come. So I have  no any worries, about my funny workouts. Just try I'm sure you will be addicted
Don W.
Great question! Please share the answer. I've developed some indoor exercises using weights, kettle bells, bands etc. But, walking is so preferred and very hard when you have acute arthritis and it's cold (painful). I guess I better rethink the indoor exercises I'm prepared for and look for other options I'll enjoy and stick to.
Nils P.
I keep doing it.I use to swim in the winter in the cold see to enforce my force of will.Knowing how good it makes for my cardio,depredsion and health keeps me wanting doing it.
Helmuth S.
I just give up right away, wich is one of my worst behaviors. Next time is discouraging outside I'll try to cheer me up with a warm cup of coffee and positive thoughts
Raul F.
Imagine how warm you will feel once you're done. This is a rush you'll only feel, once you do it. So for once you'll have to force yourself to do it.
Sophie W.
The cold does not hinder my workout life, work does. My career does not allow me to leave it at work and I find myself on my cell phone putting out fires or preparing for the day to come as I begin the day.. even my days off are really not off. I need to have a heart to heart with my employer.
Roger F.
I don’t really know. It just can’t discourage me. If the weather is bad then why whould I skip my excercise, it’s just the weather, you can still do your habits. And just think about that feeling which you feel after done. Isn’t it fabulous?
Greg O.
Hi, I'm sorry to tell you that I cannot help you because, I am 82 and have some physical issues which make it difficult to walk, run or exercise outside. And, my sweet little dog, Mischief, is old, deaf, blind and she has physical issues, as well….walking is difficult for her.
What I do is before I get off the bed, I take my medication with a glass of water that is on my night table. Then, still on the bed, I stretch every part of my body, arms, hands and wrists, my neck, legs, thighs, shins, feet and ankles….even my double chin! It takes about an hour! However, I love doing it! I feel so much better after stretching! I have a rebounder in my home with supports, it is fun to bounce on it and it gives me anaerobic exercise without too much strain on me! I make sure that I do my morning routine at least 5 times a week! It really benefits me.
So, was you can see, I enjoy my workout ……and I don't have to go outside! There are so many things that one can do, but it is hard to start. If you can trust that you would really feel good from a routine of moving, the motivation comes easily, in a relative way. Just move with your favorite music, as long as it is not a slow ballad or dance! Just try to do yourself a favor, do it! You can start by moving twice a week for a couple of weeks, then add another day every week or so until you do something every day, even if it is dancing, doing Jumping Jacks, or stretching!
Meanwhile, I wish you luck, good health, great happiness and a lot of laughter in your life. Bye bye.
Tamara O.
I write down my end goals on sticky notes and place them all around the house. I also have a bad weather plan in place. YouTube workouts or DVD workouts.
Reza A.
I wrap myself in as many layers as possible or figure out an indoor work out. Being cold sucks but you have to let your desire for change be greater. Plus once you get moving it will warm you up.
Eug Nia B.
Hi, I am sorry, I don't think that I am the right person of which to ask this particular question. I am 82 years old and I have an old dog. We live in an area in which we have long, frequently frigid winters, or else, warm days which melts the snow, causing cold nights that cause ice on the roads and sidewalks! This is a time when Mischief, my beloved best friend and companion tend to stay indoors.
Because of physical issues, I cannot do exercises on dry land. I do not have a great sense of balance and I tend to fall. This is not a great idea, as I have 7 vertebra fused with rods and screws. Also, I have two Total Hip Replacements! I am fine, but I leave the "regular" exercises to when I can get into the pool, when the weather allows. Then, you can't get us indoors!
So, during the majority of the year, I am addicted to stretching. After I wake up, I take my meds with a cold glass of water (of course!) which is on my bedside table for hydration. It really makes a difference in how I feel. Then, I make my bed so that the bedding is flat. This is when I do most of my daily exercises. I stretch my total body…. shoulders, arms, wrists and hands, hips, legs, ankles and feet. Finally while sitting on the bed, I get to the gentle part…… stretching my back forward, shoulders back and stretching my arms sideways over my head and back over my shoulders, my head, including my double chin, neck, and finish with back bending to the floor, while standing. It takes over an hour, but I feel so comfortable and flexible for the rest of the day.
Instead of walking, I have a rebounder with bars with which to hold on and prevent falling. I get a great workout with it. It folds flat to be out of the way when not in use. We have a treadmill, but I enjoy and get a better workout with the rebounder. Mischief will use the treadmill once in a while. We will generously let my husband use the treadmill, as well.
Living in Canada, we have a short, mostly cloudy day during the winter. That is when I have problems getting motivated to do anything. Lack of sunshine can cause SADS ( Seasonal Affect Disorder Symdrome)! This is when some people react to the lack of sunshine with depression. As I have had a Major Depressive Disorder since childhood, I am one of those affected. I have a light system that has a special system which lessens the reaction on low sunshine. The light and a higher dose Vitamin D than the rest of the year, I am able to enjoy and get motivated to do most things that I need to do, my husband, our home, my Mischief, my family, my friends, my volunteering, and finally, for me!
I hope that I have mentioned something that may give you ideas to get motivated to help you help yourself to get moving. There is much one can do inside if it is not a pleasing time when you need to move!
In the meantime, I wish you good luck with your Fabulous program. The company is so aptly named. They are a Fabulous crew of people who work very hard to keep coming up with incredible challenges, journeys, interests, help, and support to help us to help ourselves to create healthy habits in which to enjoy our lives more. They are the greatest! And they are there for you!
I also wish you to enjoy good health, great happiness and a life filled with lots of laughter.
Bye Bye.
Alex X.
I live in Newfoundland Canada, so I'm pretty familiar with cold! I find sometimes the cold mornings are very discouraging. To counteract that, I usually plan ahead so that there are some things that are part of my morning routine that make me feel really good! First off, I always pile on absolutely as much clothing as I need as soon as I get out of bed. If that means an oversized robe and two pairs of socks in addition to my pajamas, that's fine! I also have my one espresso of the day in the mornings, and that definitely warms me up. In addition, I like to listen to podcasts. They're helpful when it comes to getting my routines done in the morning, (for some things anyway) but they're also especially helpful if you're planning to walk outside. Sometimes a good absorbing podcast is just what I need to make a half an hour or an hour fly by!

And, of course you know that once you've been outside you're going to feel much much better, and the temperature inside will feel that much warmer! Good luck with it. I totally understand.

Christina Y.
I actually have the opposite problem… I WISH it was cold outside. Here it is hot and it makes me not want to exercise. It is better early in the morning as the sun is not out yet. It’s ok to exercise indoors sometimes too, especially if the extremes of the weather are likely to make you feel uncomfortable or sick.
Michelle Y.
I think about how good it would be efter exercise/jogging and that 'there is no bad wheather, just not appropriate clothes' and at last, but not at least: How cool I am if I go out anyway!
Eli J.
I reward myself with a coffee in a coffee shop after exercise. So when I am thinking how I don't want to go outside, I think of the coffee I won't get if I don't, but will if I do.