What’s the difference between a morning walk and a morning run?

Grace A.
A morning run really get your blood pumping and sweat dropping while a morning walk get ur blood pumping but u also don’t rly get to feel that excitement afterwards saying that u did it! U did great! Let’s do it again tomorrow!
Tamisonel N.
In the morning, the air is alive and fresh if you want to fill your whole body for every cell with clean oxygen then you should have a run instead of walk. The more oxygen you could get into every cell in the morning then the more energy you will be able to get through the day without feeling tired or exhausted in the afternoon.

In fact, when you walk that you are only used a halfhearted for supplying oxygen to your cell. If you know how to do HIIT in the morning that’s the best way for your body to get clean oxygen to every cell in your body to fuel your energy through out the day.

You could do station running right in your back yard in the morning. I don’t recommend you run inside your home because you don’t have clean oxygen for your cell to get it from your intensive run. Your body will be detox as you run, so you need to drink more spring water not sodas because sodas will keep your toxic in to your fat cell and make you more sick by the heavy fat weights.

Finally, now you know what better to work or run in the morning but I advise that you start with walking until your legs get acquainted with your routine habit and then step up to run. Don’t start running at your first day of exercise. Because your body will be hurting badly that it is a reason made many people quit!!!

Rochelle E.
I'm not sure about what's low in calaries but chia seed water ,or adding chia seeds to smoothies or your breakfast gives you alot of protein and amazing health benefits,check it out.
Ana Z.
A mornig walk give us time to think about our lives e the new day that are coming, to wake up our body and to breath. A morning runnig it's to wake up our body,
Kiley N.
with a morning walk, you can relax and have some reflection or deep thinking time. with a morning run, you’ll have to work a little harder but it can feel really good after:)
Johan Z.
From my point of view in a morning walk I've to contemplate what's around me, like get connected with my environment. In a morning run I use to push myself a little to complete a training for example.
Lea W.
A morning walk to me is a more contemplative experience, when you wake up and go see the outside world, looking at children going to school and old people exercising and adults rushing to their jobs.
It's an absolutely stunishing experience when under the morning light you look at trees with the birds flying around them and listening to the sound of life or your favorite music as the soundtrack.

In the other hand, running that is less meditative, has it's own quality. A rush of adrenaline and a sens of purpose that you have to reach your destination. Its drive at the beginning of your day can bring a strong flow of energy throughout the day, especially when it's mixed with uplifting energetic music.

Luca E.
A morning run is much like a morning walk, but it gets your heart racing faster and is usually more “fast-paced.” You run instead of walking. I don’t know if that really answers your question, but I hope it helps. Have a great day 🙂
H Dieter X.
Well obviously one is walking and one is running, but I like to think that a morning walk is to relax maybe wake up a little, and it easier to notice and take in your surroundings, a run is more for exercise, to really wake up, and is not as easy to take in your surroundings.
Julie T.
With a run you'd be able to get farther at a faster rate. Also your heartbeat would be up and ler the blood flow more. It would be easier to work your entire body as you would be moving more.
While a walk you woukd be able to take in the secenery more and it may be less exhausting afterward.
Olivia G.
For me, when I run, and especially when I incorporate at least one burst of sprinting, I can practically feel my pituitary glands spurting out the endorphins. Walks are peaceful and contemplative, but that morning run sets me up for a day of better managed anxiety and depression. I don't run fast, and I don't run every day… But the days I do are consistently better days than when I start with weight training, rowing or yoga.
Luciano U.
A walk allows you to look at the sky, trees, buildings, and environment. Its purpose is to make you look at the details and look at the exercise with new eyes and vision. Maybe let you mind run. Running is a very distinctive exercise where you focus more on yourself and learn to keep a steady pace and listen to your body and recognize an inner and physical change each session.
Soan T.
Morning walk is not as intense as a morning run… For me I think in the beginning this is good to calm me down taken in the air.reflect on my day let the blood rush through gently
Jurij F.
A morning run is what gets my day started. I burn more calories and I feel great and accomplished after I’ve ran 3 miles. I push myself every week to run faster and longer. I enjoy the goal setting.
Heinz Walter F.
A morning walk, I think, is quieter than a morning run. Morning walks are more "outside" oriented, morning runs are "inside" oriented
Brita S.
A morning walk is something I can do but unfortunately running seems to hurt my joints so I avoid it but I hope to be able to run one day in the future as it is a goal.
Tude E.
They both get you out of the house for fresh air and mental stimulation. I think a walk is a great start if you want to build up to running. If you are able to run, then a run will raise your heartbeat more, produce more endorphins and make you fitter. On the downside you are more likely to injure yourself, or damage knees if you run every day on hard surfaces!
Megan S.
Depending on you feel about the two, each could serve a different purpose. A walk could be a moment of quiet reflection which may ease you into the day, and a run could be a energetic jumpstart to get you ready for action.
Nolan N.
I don't know really but I used to bike to school when I was little and biking was much harder in the mornings the afternoon. My friends and I think it because your muscles aren't warmed up yet so? But science has proven that for women walking is more effective than running so I'm not going to run in the morning or at all if I don't feel the need good luck.
Brett W.
Morning walk helps you to start the day with the right strenght, without push away it quickly. And then if you want to lose weight a walk is better than a run, because you don't use your articulation in a wrong way (if you're not an agonistic athlete, obviously).
Kathy P.
Both could be use as an exercise to kick start your day. Although each have different perks, a morning walk let you become less sluggish and help clear your my without overwhelming you. On the other hand, if you feel like you could do a morning run, that could give you a boost of endorphins, a happy hormones, and also help with your cardiovascular. Choose the one that suits you. The important part is to just do it. ✅
Aiyana F.
A walk seems more meditative, more for peace of mind or mental health. A run seems like it's more for exercise and physical health.