I struggle to find a great way to celebrate after exercising… Do you have any ideas?

Kasper N.
Treat yourself on something you really like, taking time to read your favorite book for instance, eat your favorite fruit, meditate on thoughts of gratitude and pride in yourself.
Alberte W.
I would look into an activity that you’re passionate about as your reward celebration, but make sure not to include food or anything with calories! 🙂
Nanna X.
Do something you enjoy afterwards. Depending on the time of day you exercise of course, but let’s say you do it in the morning. Refresh and settle in with a good book if you enjoy reading. Or if you have work maybe listen to music you love on your way to work. If at night, you can also refresh and read before bed or watch something you like watching if you have time before going straight to bed. I usually do a small activity I enjoy afterwards. Not immediately after I’m done but after taking a shower. Even if it’s just listening to a song.
Bre Q.
Honestly…me too. I always celebrated before with food. But I’m really trying to not do that now. So far I have come up with reading a chapter in a book, watching an episode of my favourite show, if i have done good for a week straight getting a message etc.