Which short exercises help in reducing belly fat?

Flora C.
From my experience: lots of pushups, situps, and crunches, and as much running/elliptical/treadmill as possible. The key is starting slower and with less repetitions than you need, and gradually increasing the number of reps, and the length of runs. This helps build a habit of excercise, which is more important than working out a lot for just a few days.
Hunter J.
muscle-building exercises. Things like squats, lunges, dips, pull-ups, push-ups, planks, especially with added weight if you can do it
Marius Z.
Jumping jacks and jump rope is cardio and help burn fat. Spot reduction is not something I am familiar with but I know planks engage core muscles and can quickly make you sweat.
Darrell Z.
The best exercise I have found reducing belly fat involve the resistance band training. The idea of resistance bands is to strengthen muscle and tighten skin. Perfect for the stomach. You can find the exercises on YouTube and resistance bands are on amazon for up to £10.
Matteo Y.
Walking, running and dancing! Combined with less snacking and less sugary drinks you'll see great progress. All the best to you.
Duane W.
I do a circuit of five exercises three times with no break. 25 pushups, 25 sit-ups, 25 squats, and 25 calf raises to complete the circuit.

This gets my heart racing and I can control the pace. My only goal is to never stop. Slowing down is ok, but I never stop.

Ola F.
Reduction of belly fat mostly depends on a clean diet. If you're diet is already great, then focus on exercises that strengthen your entire torso – front and back. Superman exercise and lying leg raises are a good pair to do together
D Nio Q.
Since exercise can't target a specific area of fat (Exercise Science Major here), it's best to do what exercises you enjoy. I'm a fan of "6 inches" for a core workout though. 😁