What are the benefits of journaling? I cannot convince myself to start doing that :/

Gracie O.
Journaling can help you understand your own feeling more by giving you an opportunity to really think about them and put them out there. It also gives you something to look back on and you can see how far you have come.
Kenzi Z.
I think it's a lot actually like keeping some memories, lifting the creativity and giving times to yourself to reminisce
Hui Jen Y.
journaling? well, i guess it helps u keep track of ur thoughts and emotions. it can help u remember things too which will make ur memory better in the long run. it also gives u the time to reflect and see things from a calmer view 💯 ❤️‍🔥
Jon J.
There’s a lot of benefits in journaling like peace, awareness in everything especially in your self. You’ll be aware, you’ll be realizing a lot of thing and you’ll be learning a lot of things from yourself and to the things that you experienced. It became very helpful to me especially when I feel down because that’s where I vent out everything. If you can’t do it then think of a reason why you can’t do it. If you want it, you’ll do it whatever happen
Benjamin Y.
Writing down my thoughts instead of storing them in my head unsorted has been life changing for me. I'm not consistent or structured about it—I use it for stress relief, especially when I can't parse out my emotions. So whenever I'm feeling worked up, I grab any piece of paper and write down everything I'm thinking. It helps me grasp what I'm feeling, and when I read over it I can parse out what happened to make me feel that way and how to verbalize it with others. Basically journaling is great because it doesn't need to be structured (e.g. writing every day and telling about your day), it helps you process your emotions, and it gives you insight into yourself and your thought process so you can articulate it to yourself and others.
Faith E.
I used to think journaling was kinda pointless. Until I actually tried it and not gonna lie at first it was kinda awkward, I didn’t know what to write or what I was even doing. So I just wrote a summary of what happened yesterday. Then the next day I wrote about things that bothered me and how I felt about different people. It was pretty therapeutic for me, so anytime I was frustrated, I would just write it down in my journal. My journal kinda became my therapist in a way, I would write my problems down and feel better afterwards. So in conclusion, I say try it out and don’t get discouraged by not knowing what to write. Maybe write about how your day was, things you want, or what makes you happy, maybe think about your past and write it down as a way of remembering/ letting go. Whatever you write about is between you and your journal, and no one else has to know. Just make sure to hid it if you got some nosy people your living with. 😉
Kayli N.
I think it is a great place to reflect and let everything out. No one touches or looks through my journal and makes it very personal. I like that, especially since I sometime have a hard time showing emotions to others
Alex Z.
I don’t have much experience with journaling, but I do know journaling can help you review your day to day life.
Hope this helped! 🙂
Darrell J.
Journaling helps us to recognize both areas where we need to work on to improve as well as to recognize our successes. It also allows us to spot trends, both positive and negative. It enables us to more easily find the courage to confront what we are doing and to give us hope.
Suzy F.
Journaling is a great way to connect with your feelings! we tend to do an awful lot of overthinking, but writing them down helps us organise them and understand them better. We can see, for example, that this anger we're feeling is not worth it and we are more able to let it go, whereas maybe that anxiety needs a bit more attention from us. Writing is also a great way to improve our capacity to communicate our feelings, if you can write them, then you can explain them to the people around you! Moreover, through a journal you can see how much you've improved in your journey, cherish the little victories and convince yourself that bad moments will always pass and sunny days are ahead.
Anna P.
Okay so I used to be the same way, and I just started doing it and for me, it helps me get rid of stuff that’s on my mind, and also helps me relax and get through the day without stress..it could possibly be different for you, but thats just my POV
Michelle Z.
I find journaling helps with my OCD as it is one thing I can always easily control, plus it helps keep me organized in my day to day life. I use my journaling for my expenses and budget, my calendar, I keep my horoscope, pictures, prayers, and so much more. It’s nice to be able to look back to see how my year has gone.