I would like to learn to wake up early. How do you do it? What is your motivation?

Magali I.
To start, I'd recommend discovering your chronotype (if you're a morning person, night person, or in between). I know there's a lot of pressure to be a morning person, but there's no moral benefit. The best thing to do is to wake up with your body's natural rhythm.

However, if you still want to be a morning person, using light is one of the best ways to reset your circadian rhythm. Decide when you want to go to bed so you get enough sleep before your desired wake up time. Then, two hours before bed, wear red glasses so you don't see white or yellow light.

White and yellow light tell your brain it's daytime and it needs to be awake. If you block those with red glasses, your brain thinks it's night and will wind down for bed.

In the morning, when you wake up turn on white, or even blue, lights. LED or fluorescent lights are good for this. They tell your brain it's morning and it needs to wake up.

Also, going outside in the morning without glasses or contacts and looking at the blue sky (not the sun) will also help your brain reset your circadian rhythm.

Albert U.
My motivation is actually planning fun things, also a gentle alarm works. I have many interests and I thought I didn’t have enough time for it but turns out planning a couple of sessions that take up a couple of hours a day gives me everyday to improve little by little. So that’s my motivation.
Lo C E.
🤔…You just do it there is no learning in waking up early. You have to wake up early when you go to work so you already doing it.
Gerd E.
Honestly, I get up early because of the work, so after 2 years my body just adjusted to it. Yoga makes me want to get up happy, otherwise I would be grumpy all day.
Sharlene O.
Success in my life is all that matters to me, and in order to succeed, I must succeed in managing my time and making it serve me, and arranging my time makes me feel a successful person, and my motivation is to reach the great success that I plan.
Pauline A.
I’ve had deep conversations with friends about this topic. Some are morning people. Some are not so much (myself included). I am fascinated with the psychology of morning people. I think the key differentiator stands with the first conscious moment that comes after waking. It’s a cluster of impulses and emotions and the mind recognizing General patterns, waking up and having that first conscious moment. But it all boils down to the first thing you think. The morning people are thinking simple things like “what’s the next step to my day? What’s some part of the ‘today’ problem that I can begin solving?” Non morning people think “just a few more moments of sleep I’d love to go back to bed.” I’m in that latter camp, let me hit snooze. But I’ve taken to, as an auxiliary part of my morning ritual, mindfully asking myself “what is one thought I could change or simply be aware of that would make me more likely to get out of bed?” It forces my head to start thinking about why I want more sleep. But fundamentally, it’s changing the pattern. Before, the pattern was “back to bed!” Now the pattern is …”back to bed! Wait, why? …okay, cool, back to bed.” Sometimes, I get up. But, it’s a statistical improvement, and I’ll accept the Kaizen-oriented micro-iteration. 👋🏻
Clairta Z.
One day before imagine the person whom you consider as idol in your life and imagine that person telling you, motivating you to wake up early in the morning for your better future.
Jessie U.
I set my alarm clock so that I have plenty of time to get up, get dressed, and do things to get ready in the mornings without feeling rushed. I found that once I had begun to get up early, my body naturally started waking up earlier than I had before. It’s so much better than wasting the day away in bed!
Cassandre Y.
Depending on how much earlier you want to wake up, you may need to go to bed earlier. I think one of the ways to make it stick easiest is to create a morning routine that you look forward to; for instance I started waking up at 6am because I never had time to read my Bible once the day got going. That was before I even started using fabulous, but the anticipation of getting to start the day with something I really appreciated (and coffee 😉 was enough to motivate me to do it each day. Once I downloaded fabulous and started to learn how important that first bottle of water is then that compounded my anticipation because I knew I was building a habit that would help me focus even more in that time of reading that I wanted from the start.

Ultimately, I think if you want to wake up early it should be to fuel something that you don't normally make time for throughout the stresses of daily life. I tell my friends, honestly, that everyone can wake up at least 30min earlier without a huge overall in lifestyle, and that is an amazing place to start if it means getting a little time back for things you appreciate and love.

PS: set an alarm and put your phone across the room! That was huge for me too 🙂

Patricia N.
I find it easy to wake up early when I have something to look forward to. For example, I enjoy starting my day with a cup of tea in a quiet room watching the sunrise. It’s calming, and allows me to mentally prepare for the day to come.
Daniele I.
For me, I’m very food-motivated. I try to prep a tasty breakfast for myself at the beginning of each week. It gives me something to look forward to. I think that having something to be excited about is much easier than dragging yourself out of bed just because you have to. I’ve also started having my boyfriend gently wake me up when he gets up and moving. Much better than an alarm clock!
Kimberly T.
I try setting up alarms with names on it. I use quotes from movies I like to keep me entertained and thinking I have to wake up to keep going and get to the next alarm/quote.
Walter Y.
Just try to sleep earlier and earlier everyday until you get at the subtle time to get full sleep. I also use sleepyti.me to calculate when it’s better to go to bed…
Kasper C.
Get excited about something. I think that it will motivate you to get up and go see what it is that u r excited about. But, make sure it’s not too exciting because otherwise it’ll keep you up
Kasper E.
My work program forces me to wake up early. From here I wanted to make myself a habit from waking up early because of the benefits it brings to my health. It’s not easy until, I still have to work on it. I have discovered recently trough this app that if I have smth exiciting waiting for me up in the morning (for me it starts to be the exercise session) I have a lot more motivation to wake up. Plus I wake up with a smile when I’m thinking what waits for me ahead. So try to make your morning in the first place an exiciting moment of your day.
Roland B.
I don’t wake up early because my schedule is such that I go to bed at 2:00 am. In the past when I woke up at 6 am regularly, I found it was essential to be in bed by 9:00 pm.
Ashley P.
Use an alarm 🚨 to train 🚂 your body by setting it 30 mins earlier than you need to get up and do it for 11 days and use a song that gets your blood flowing and remember to relax and be Thankful that your alive another day 💯💙❤️🙏🏽🤘🏾🏁
Eloane Q.
There’s a really great tool called the 5-second rule (look up the book by Mel Robbins for the full breakdown) but essentially, when you know you have to do something, like get up instead of hitting snooze, you count down from five (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) and when you reach 1, you take immediate action. I know it sounds weird, but it totally works!

I’ve also found that although the initial get up process never stops sucking, once you’re used to being up early, it becomes a little easier and I’ve learned to love early mornings to myself.

Gladys T.
I wake up with the sun, which is easier during summer. It really helps to be in a better mood so I also have an alarm clock that simulates the daylight for winter days. It’s really helpful.
Marshall E.
I’ve been doing it a single day at a time. Now I look forward to waking up really early on Tuesdays to do yoga outside — soon I hope to wake up early to swim. Later in my life I want to get up early most days to surf so I want to keep it up!
Chloe T.
I started by solving my sleep problems.
Whenever I take my phone with me to sleep I tend to not wake up at the time I wanted or to simply have a terrible night of sleep.
So my first thing was to change the phone for a book, you can do a magazine or something else as long as it is not electronic. I read until I tire myself, 10-15 minutes.
Marjorie P.
1. Disable all notifications on all apps. Don't allow them unless they are absolutely critical for your life.

2. Get rid of time vampires such as Facebook, Instagram… any app you would open and swipe up, down, right or left to kill time.

3. If you have the iPhone, triple tap the home button to enable greyscale mode. This might look terrible at first, but it will help disable visuals such as red notification counter icons designed to grab your attention.

4. Read mail twice a day. In the morning and in the afternoon or evening. Check out sanelater and unroll.me to help you do that.

Following the steps above, I barely spent more time than 1 hour a week on my phone. I picked it up and checked it maybe 5 times a day on average. I had to reinstall the messenger app though because of flak from annoyed friends that could not reach me that easily. But if you can withstand the pressure and take a stand, you will have even less to grab your attention.

Good luck

Bendavid T.
I've seen other millionaires and other successful people do very similar routines and it sets the mood for their day. I want to emulate their habits so I too can be successful in my life.
Ananias N.
I have a playlist that comes on every morning and I try to get my morning routines done with certain songs—make the bed to one song, stretch to another, wash face to the next, tidy up for the one after…etc. 🙂
Nelson P.
I wake up early because it makes the day longer, it makes it last more when you wake up early. If you wake up at one in the afternoon and go to sleep at ten, then your day is only nine hours long. If you wake up at eight in the morning and, again, go to sleep at ten, then your day is now fourteen hours long. Which one is better? A short day? Or a long one?
Huberto Q.
I am one of the people who is "forced" to do so things for myself like " I must exercise every day for the rest of my life". Through doctor advice so… I must do this "little" things if I want to be well. My motivation is "do it or suffer".
Mitchell S.
To wake up early, you need to make sure the things that are do the next day are already done by the evening. Plan things accordingly so you have a ease at mind and make sure you have an alarm set up.
Sofia B.
Your motivation for any improvement of self has to be more than a want. Getting up earlier, in this case, cannot simply be something you’d “like” to do.

It has to be something you NEED to do. You NEED to have more time to accomplish your goals, and getting a jump start in your day by waking up early is great way to start doing just that.

Debbie F.
No one really does like the early wake up. But, if you dont wake up early, you realize that you have missed the most productive hours of the day. Or even worst, that you dont have enough time for yourself. And you realize that you want to wake up early. Because at the end of the day you feel much better, you are happy that you had time for yourself, you are proud of the work done during the morning. And that feelings make you an addict to the early wake up.
Reginald N.
Before the night I plan some basic task for tomorrow. I categorize them and I motivate myself to do them. It is my motivation secret
Alexandre E.
I think what Aristotele said:"we are what we repetly do,therefore excellence is not an art ,it's a habit."(if you can't think in the morning write a big signal in front of your bed, so it will be the first thing you gonna see it when you wake up)Than I ask to my self: "what I want to be today?" And usually I answer" I want to reach my goal"or " I want to be a little bit closer to my goal" and I know the only thing I have to do is stand up and trying to be productive every day.
Dantela N.
I learned to be a morning person by training myself to wake up a half hour early. I would go a week or more at that time then try a half hour earlier, and so on until you are at the desired wake up time. I stay motivated because I can get more done before the kids have to wake up and before I have to start to get ready for work.
Good luck!
Terra O.
I take out whatever is preventing me from waking up earlier. For me it was caffeine. I took that out and had a more restful sleep. Another thing I did was set an alarm to help me ease into waking up early. My motivation is this app, it makes me want to get up early to complete my morning routine of drinking water, exercising, and eating a good breakfast.
Elmer Z.
Encompassing the habit of waking up early has been one I continue to struggle with. What I’ve learned is that going to be early, say 10 pm, helps- this means no tv or electronics. This allows me to get some rest to be able to hear the alarm. I do snooze. I also leave my blinds a bit open so the sunrise serves as a reminder to wake up. Hope this helps.
Louis J.
I’ll admit, there are days I’m still falling short. But that helps to fuel me, because I have the perspective to look at my successes and notice how one can feed another to build a habit. Good luck!
Nio Z.
Well in the weekdays I HAVE TO, as I’m a medical intern. In the holidays it’s just a habit. Many days I would love to sleep more.
Ben O.
I honestly have a hard time myself waking up early. But, I have found that when I schedule events that I enjoy or plan a yummy breakfast, it is easier for me to get out of bed.
C Ssio E.
I use the iPhone bedtime app, it has nice sounds to wake up on. I set it for 6.30 so i can make my bed and start my fabulous journey at 7.my motivation is to finish my professional training in 2 months (my deadline is august) and to be done with laundry, breakfast, morning walk and house chores to start studying at 9am all the way to 5pm
Wallace E.
As far as motivation goes, I try to go to bed with the thought that I will wake up early tomorrow morning. Doing this puts me in the right mind set. As far as the practical aspect, my desktop computer is in another room and I set up and alarm that will force me to get out of bed to trim it off. The hardest part is resisting the temptation of going back to bed.
Anastasios X.
I have begun to wake up early around 5:30am. To motivate myself I wrote down a list of tasks that I could complete in the morning. This list consisted of working out, washing my face, making a nice breakfast, and of course drinking water mostly when I first wake up. A couple of those task go along with bigger goals which are loosing weight and clearing up my acne.