What kind of exercise can I do in the morning?

Maya Y.
Struggling with this one also. My plan is : march in place, situps, squats, plank 30 secs, leg curls, cross punches and step jacks. It is around 8 mins and it gets me to just start sweating.
Veit C.
I like to get in some slower exercise first like stretching (yoga, Pilates etc). Ideally I’d like to start putting my running in the AM, sometimes I do my strength training in the morning, but I always count it if I can simply get my whole body moving, feeling some tension release and some burn!
Elias U.
Cardio and strength training. Try different exercises that work for you and your body. Be sure to stretch first to open up your muscles and get them ready for your workout.
Aubri Q.
You can do running , gymnastics or stretching if you want you can wake up and go for a walk or even with a dog , if you don’t have one you can borrow someone’s
Clarence Q.
You can do simple exercises like jumping jacks, stretching, and maybe even do some yoga. For me, I dance instead of exercising. You don't need any talent to dance, just play around 3-4 songs from your playlist each morning and dance with the rhythm, and you'll be energised for the day. Make sure you're alone though, you wanna make sure you go all out to dance instead of just grooving to the music because you're too shy to dance in front of others. If dancing isn't possible, you can do stretches, like slowly stretching your hamstrings, or you can simply download any workout app you like and follow according to the routine from the app. I'm currently using this workout app called BetterMe, it's completely free to download and you don't necessarily have to pay money to exercise in the app. It has guides to teach you how to do each exercise, and trains your body. It's good you're thinking of exercising in the morning, it's really good for the rest of your day and boosts your basal metabolism. I wish you good luck in your exercise!
T Rcio E.
Honestly I just try to get my feet on the floor and out the door and go for a 10 minute walk. Just getting some movement and feels really good
Tony J.
Pushups, start jumps, sit-ups. Do as many reps as you can but don’t over do it (e.g. 3 sets of 15 reps instead of 10 sets of 10 reps) that could have negative results.
Vict Ria Y.
I like to do short morning yoga because I have the problem of being achy all the time. The guided routines give me a chance to stretch and breathe. If you have a pet l, morning could be a wonderful time to go on a short walk together too. Or go the Japanese route and do some guided calisthetics. Those are good for the meme.
Dale Q.
Burpees are great for full body exercise, you can adjust the intensity to suit you and there are variations for you fitness level
Morris T.
I've found Yoga is the easiest. It can be a short 5 minute wakeup, a relaxing 15 minute stretch, or 30 minutes of yoga for weight loss. I usually stick to the 15 minutes.
Annekatrin N.
Depending on the time you have available, anything. But I like walking, bike riding and yoga for the mornings. I particularly enjoy doing stretches because it helps me get started for the day feeling good.
Carl P.
Stretching Upon waking is great to become more flexible, relieve sore muscles and stay limber. Yoga and energy practices like Qigong are a great way to balance the body’s energy and prepare for the day. A brisk walk will raise the heart rate. Being in the fresh air will cleanse your lungs, increase joy, improve focus and give you energy.
Carolina O.
I’m not a morning person. So I had to do something that will be relaxing and yet challenging as my morning exercise. So I chose yoga. I found an app that allows you to customize a session. So I chose my poses and the length of time. I also found an app for 7minute workouts. I will probably do these on the days I go into work, so I can really get my energy up!
Steve S.
I do a 15 minute full body stretching routine or yoga. It wakes up my joints and keeps me limber all day long. Some days, I do a 25 minute yoga routine
Caroline W.
Start with a series of stretch exercises. Search an infographic on Google and save it on your phone or computer to make it easy to access. You don't have to make all exercises, you can try all, but if you dislike a couple, don't do it. It's better to create a habit doing something you enjoy and really want to do.
Maura Q.
I think that a circuit is a good start – there are lots online and often you don’t need equipment/ that much space! Plus because you’re doing different things it doesn’t get boring!
Dale J.
I think it depends on what part of your body would you like to focus on. In my case I'm starting with my arms and my chest, so I do some push ups in the morning. I plan to do the seven minutes exercise in a few weeks
Tracy E.
Yoga is fantastic to start the day, a little dance routine also helps. Alternatively 4 sets of compound moves (push ups, pull ups, squats and crunches)
M Ximo Q.
First thing in the morning I really enjoy doing a quick and easy yoga routine that emphasizes stretching and breathing. Even a series of easy to memorize poses that you can just ease into as soon as you wake up for that quick energy boost and to get your blood flowing can do wonders to wake you up!
Rita U.
I do short exercises around 15 min, last week only mobility exercises, now i will combine them with strength exercises. But i want to keep them 15 min
Karl Friedrich G.
Try this to start with:

And then build yourself up to a 7minute workout. There are some good apps on the App Store for this: try ‘Seven’ it has a blue icon.