Can you share how having an exercise routine has benefited your well-being?

Francis Z.
I have been going to exercise long before useing this app. I have more confidence in my self, and after every exercise my im more happy 🙂
Aurelino E.
I feel now more energised the whole day. Maybe the firsts days you do it you feel a bit tired just when finished, but in a week you'll be desiring to wake up and do it 😉
Heinz Dieter U.
It helps me eat better. It helps me sleep better. It helps me plan my day better. It probably reduces medical bills and stress. It sounds unfair but if you are a person who is in shape people treat you better
Duane U.
I'm only succeeding now because I have a routine. I exercise a bit throughout the day,3 times. My biggest workout is often in the morning. This keeps my focused on my goals for the entire day. Fabulous is excellent for keeping me focused on my goals.
Billie N.
I've tracked my workout for four months now, besides eating healthy as well. I've lost 9kg and gained a lean and strong body. My heart rate improved a lot – from a resting pulse of 70 to 58 average in the past months. I feel full of energy and confident about myself 😊
Gordon T.
I must admit, it made my back hurt the first few days 😂 but I eventually got over it. It’s made me happier and more resistant to the poisonous people around me.
Tobias Z.
I feel energise adter exercise. My mind is clear and the stress in body is released. I’m more relax and emotionally stable.
Edgar Y.
Well, in the first place I feel more energized, mentally it helps me to feel that I’m done with the hardest thing in the day which for me is exercise! So much success for you!!
Juri Q.
It’s made me respect my body more, as well as the added bonus of weight loss which gives me more confidence! Even just doing a 10 minute yoga flow helps me to meditate, feel grounded, and feel less guilty because no matter what happens the rest of the day at least I’ve had some movement!
Tom R.
It give me alot of energy in the morning after i finish the exercises a feel very good when i start to work or do my homeworks i feel more understand and i had doen something the morning and i don't be lazy all the day
And thinks for this beautiful App
And i am sorry but I can't speak English very well
Tamara C.
It makes me feel good – like I wasn’t lazy and I did something productive and healthy for my mind and body today. It has also helped me to build strength and endurance with just a minimal amount of time and effort over the course of a few weeks and month.
Valentina Q.
I try to swim in the morning regularly. It works really well. Somehow (no idea how this is possible) it gives energy for a day, or at least a few next hours.
Cecilie P.
Yesterday was my first day of exercise for a long time and i felt like it was a great accomplishment, I felt more energised, though I did need my nap in the afternoon
Caterina W.
Honestly it gives me a sense of fulfillment like I did something for myself. And I’ve felt more fit which adds to the whole betterment of one’s self.
Rom O E.
It is a great mood boost and gets the body moving. I am doing gentle exercises and find myself adding a little more, and accept my easier days as successes. Also, the habit formed is good for my self esteem.
Emil Y.
If I'm in a a bad mood exercise cheers me up. If I'm sad I can walk and cry. Exercise does not shout at me or criticise it is just there.
Luenem Q.
To be fair, before each exercise session I feel demotivated, lazy, and weak. I take the first push and after each session I feel stronger, fitter, and well standing. It boosts my confidence, my posture, my attitude throughout the day. It is one of the major best things you can start a day with. Don't forget a brieg stretching session on the evening as well. These two can renovate your body and physique.
Abel Y.
I feel better and I can buy clothes that fit and look good on me. I'm down 1-1.5 dress sizes. Love getting compliments and I feel better about myself.
Mary Y.
It's a keystone healthy habit that helps with keeping the other areas of my life moving….in addition to the obvious weight loss, strength, and cardio benefits.
Pablo S.
I feel like I have more energy, better mood and just my biological system is in great shape. I just feel better and healthier 🙂👍
Marian U.
Exercise in the morning is really good for my mental health. Once I complete even a light exercise, I feel like I’ve accomplished something; especially something really good for my body. It motivates me to continue taking care of myself throughout the day by inspiring me to eat well and drink water, and continue to make productive choices. As opposed to spending time on social media.
Giuseppina X.
I’m feeling overweight. People don’t notice it by I know I’m about 6kgs heavier than I should be. It annoys me terribly. An excercise routine makes me feel like I’m taking back the power, like I’m doing something proactive to get back on track. Not waiting helplessly. The research tells me that I’ll release oxytocin and other good hormones to boost mood and energy. I did have more energy today. If I can couple this with good sleep I’m sure I’ll be in much better shape overall.