How do you celebrate after a workout to help ingrain the habit?

Ma Ly O.
Make sure to drink lots of water, something sweet to avoid aches, and look at yourself in the mirror to see that post-gym glow
Emma Z.
Well I workout by running and when you do workouts like running home it’s saves time so your more likely to keep doing it.
Dwight B.
To answer your question on a personal level, I tend to do something that I enjoy, something that will really put a smile on my face! A good example would be treating myself to a yummy snack or “letting” myself watch Youtube for 30 minutes, even if I might have other stuff to do. However, I truly belive that celebrating what you have accomplished should be different for everyone! Take a second and think about what makes you happy, and continue on, from there, developing your amazing habit. 😁
Heinz Peter Y.
Well, one way to celebrate is to reward yourself with something which is healthy but tastes good. That way, you're respecting your body and yourself.
Selmaan A Ali
David F.
I make sure to fuel after my workout. After a long run, I either eat a sushi burrito or a a delicious Mac & cheese dish.
David E.
My morning workouts are 15 mins of hardcore stretching, deep breathing, and visualizing success. The whole thing is a celebration for me.
Tamara U.
To make exercise more enjoyable, I try to do it as much as possible together with a friend. This way we celebrate together by congratulating each other and saying out loud we can be proud of ourselves. I also find it motivating to look at my workout history in the apps in which I track them. I also treat myself to nice workout clothes. The best reward though is seeing my body change, noticing my strength and how quickly I recatch my breath after intense activity.
Ngue S.
I usually workout at like 10/11 AM, so I can eat my lunch immediately after, so I’ve pretty much made that a habit. Workout in the morning, lunch immediately after.
Tilmann J.
I use the 1 minutes get moving “workout” in the end of my workouts as a celebration because it has a really cheerful music. It’s just one minute long, it’s some push-ups and jumping – so that’s my ritual now =)
Alexandra R.
After every workout I treat myself with a long meditation session, usually when taking anche energizing shower, maybe lighting some candles
Marie P.
Let's be honest and admit that I didn't celebrate this habit as long as I practced it in the new routine. I know that it is my very big mistake don't use this technique, cause I know that it realy works
Lilian Y.
The way to do this is to treat yourself to something which is good for you, but also tastes good, and that is how you celebrateto ingrain it intoyourbrain.
Marolo T.
I've found that doing a little dance and being silly is how I enjoy celebrating. I don't typically express my joy without having to put words to it and having fun is a treat and I look forward to it.
Gauthier Q.
Verschillend, mijzelf beloobd met nieuwe vensterbank planten. Andere keer, dankbaar en wil het nog een keer. Trots op mijzelf is viering opzich
Steven C.
I'm not the best at that. However, just sitting is something I don't often do, so sitting and enjoying a glass (not bottle) of cool water feels luxurious.
Constanze S.
I give myself a small reward. For example, I don't listen to my audio book, which is my favourite thing to do during the day, until I do.