How do you make time for exercise in the morning when you are incredibly busy?

Diocl Cio E.
I find exercise I can do without leaving the house. Personally, I really enjoy Step Mania, which is a computer version of Dance Dance Revolution. I can play for 30 minutes and do aerobic exercise before I work. So think are there any exercises, like a HIT routine, or Zumba videos, or something you can do at home?
Kenzo Y.
I usually reschedule exercise since I really do have a busy schedule. When I can't do it in the morning, I may opt for short walks during the day, walking my dog when I get home in the evening, and doing yoga or Pilates at night.
Kenzi O.
It's best to start small. Plan to complete five minutes. When you haven't made it work after attempting just 5 minutes for five days. You are too busy & you must change something. That 5 minutes could save your life. Find the time now or face years of illness later.
Thies O.
I try to not be as stringent about when the exercise happens to be honest. Sometimes I don’t fit it in first thing in the morning, but I make a point to do a lap or two around the office or walk to lunch in the afternoon.
Frederik F.
YOU decide what is very important and what is less. If you believe that once your mind and body are fit, everything is easier, then you are able to find 10 minutes for yourself.
Marie Z.
If I know that ahead of me is incredibly busy day I try to go to sleep earlier the night before and I try to get up earlier so I have time for my morning routine. Because my morning routine became essential part of the day and really boosts my energy and makes even busiest day great.
L Andro N.
I make it priority n1, over grooming myself for a longer period of time, over checking emails or news, over other distractions. And I do it immediatly. In the beginning what took a lor of time was getting mentally into it, now that it’s a habit it doesn’t take as much time as I expected.
Phoebe P.
Make it into your routine then you have some time so like going down the stairs do a little dance it’ll get your heart beating and your blood running
Estelle P.
I have picked 4 small exercises that take less than 5 minutes to complete to make sure I can do them every morning. A few times a week I also go out for a run to do a bigger workout. If you're short on time and want to fit in proper workouts you can consider 7-minute workouts- they're high impact and done in under 10 minutes. Alternatively, can try doing something even shorter every morning like a set of small stretches/exercises, and then bigger workouts at the weekend if you have more time then. I hear sun salutations from yoga are a great full body stretch for mornings that can be done for a few minutes. Hope you find something that works for you! 🙂
Albane Z.
Whatever time there is, you can fit exercise to suit. Eg 10 mins might be 3 exercises while you listen to the morning news, or 10 mins stationary cycling. It all helps!
Miroslawa R.
I set my alarm to wake me up to get enough time for at minimum 45 minutes of exercise. I typically work out an hour each morning before work and I head to the gym in the morning, though a little later, on Saturday so I can keep the pattern going. My rest days are Sunday.
Adrien A.
I tend to exercise more in the evening. I do yoga sometimes in the morning. I enjoy exercise. I do not feel it is a chore.
Robert W.
i decide to wake up earlier..
success in the 1st day,,but not going well in 2nd and 3rd day..
so i came late to the office 2 days in a row..
Frederik B.
When you have a dog, it doesn’t matter how busy you feel – your obligation to the dog trumps most things. Not only your own personal feeling of responsibility but an inconsolable whining dog also helps you get out of bed and out for that walk.
Maya C.
Think of how you feel after your first exercise…you feel happy, motivated and impressed with yourself that you invested the effort for a good cause…YOU. I have a very busy schedule myself…so going forward i decided that even if i only exercise for 1 minute (jumpin jacks etc)…that is a better place to be than not exercising at all. I want to keep the momentum, but i dont want to burden myself during tough weeks. Consistency will be my Friend!
Loan E.
Nowadays no one has time for anything, you're always busy, and at the begining it is difficult to believe that it's possible to have time to exercise every morning, but it is. The difficult is to start and maintain an habit. I can tell you by my experience that it takes time to get use to it, and the first 3 months every morning when I started my exercise I thought of quit…but I preservered and after this time I feel the need of exercising every morning. I am always busy working full time and with 2 kids and a husband it's not easy to find the time, but if you have the will you'll find the way. For me it didn't meant any additional sacrifice…instead of start working at 8.30h I run for 30minutes and start working at 9 o'clock. That's how…I get up at 7 o'clock prepare breakfast yo the kids and lunch for them to take to school, at 7.30h they leave to school with my husband and I go run until 8 o'clock (4kms every morning) and I start work at 9 o'clock, so….yes it's possible if you put yourself to it….and you'll see that you 'all feel a lot better. I just hope my experience can inspire you to start and have s better life.
G Vio Z.
It seems like it would be impossible… If I wasn’t retired, I would exercise when I could squeeze it in. 7 minutes before work, 7 minutes at lunch, and 7 minutes in the evening. Even one or two minutes is better than none and will really help. 🙂
Noah E.
By bicycling to work&school. This works for me. I'm a bit extreme, because I have chosen the area where I live so that I can bicycle mostly everywhere I need to.
C Saro W.
Some mornings are harder than others to get a quick workout in. I try and wake up before my kids wake up and do crunches, planks, and arm weights. I also will do a few mins of yoga. If I am unable to wake before my family I will incorporate some kind of workout while the littles are playing with their toys and the older kids are in school. And if none of those workout on days my husband is off I will go run.
Danielle B.
reduce time from shower and toilet to have more exercise time. Or combine exercise with other activities. E.g take a stair or run to work.
Keith N.
I get up 15 minutes earlier – starting small – to do only short exercises. 5-10 minutes. Also going to bed earlier so I still get my well deserved rest.
Juan Z.
I usually exercise in the afternoon. Morning is my quiet time. I try to incorporate exercise into my daily activities, like walking to a meeting instead of taking a car. I also enjoy dancing around to an energetic tune!
Helene U.
If you know you'll be limited on time in the morning, then the best thing is to try to get to bed just 30 minutes early so you can get up earlier. If that's not possible for you, just cut the exercise time. Just don't skip ever! You can even try to incorporate it into your morning routine. Squats, situps, and pushups are all easily done on the spot.
Mis S.
I get moving in the morning to get my day started as I do my normal routine. Lunges to the kitchen, squats while I brush my teeth. Then cardio on the way home from work.
Salvador Z.
I make time later, while I actually need to make time at the moment. I need to learn to wake up better. I always snooze because I find it hard to wake up and I find the mornings difficult.
S Nio W.
I set My alarmclock earlier, and go to bed earlier, so that I have time in the morning. It can be really Hard to get out og bed to exerzise, but then I put My alarm further away, so I actually have to get up to do it. I also put a bottle of water besidde My bed, so that I can drink water when I get up. In that way I have to do something and get My first goal right there. Im more motivated to start the day.
Jon Y.
I make sure to take the time to do something small or at least really stretch well to get my body moving and focus more on mobility for the day. I prefer to workout in the evening so this is always a nice gentle morning option.
Amber U.
My exercise routine is short so it’s easy to fit in. If for some reason I am running really late I plan to do it in the afternoon. To avoid postponing it I try to set my alarm ten minutes earlier in the morning.
Mikkel Z.
Unfortunately, I usually don’t even exercise sonibjustbdont make time for any of it.
I want to start exercising so I’m thinking that I’ll leave the stuff ready the night before and start slow with mild exercise
Lotti I.
Being fit and healthy is a top priority for me as it serves many of my other values. I feel better when I exercise and make better decisions and feel more vibrant. The positive feedback loop is a habit I have developed.
Dione F.
You just have to prioritize it. When we don't have time for something, it means we are not prioritizing it over other things – whether it is work, sleep or any else. My sleeping schedule takes into account that I want to wake up early to have time to work out. I sleep earlier, so I can still get a 7-9 hours of sleep, and wake up early enough to be able to add a workout (sometimes a complete 1+ hours, sometimes a shorter 20min session) before getting ready for work. It is not that you do not have the time, you are just choosing to do something else with your time – and it could also be that you're starting too big. Start with smaller sessions (20min or less) a few times a week, not everyday. And be smart about those days – exercise the morning after easy evenings (those when it is easier for you to go to bed earlier), if your schedule is not always consistent. Use this app or the Nike Training app to find short exercise routines that will get you started. Good luck!
Brent Z.
I simply started waking up earlier, and working out actually makes up for that sleep time. I start my days at 5 am and the workout is truly the perfect way to start. It keeps me energized for even my longest days, and I sleep so much better as well!
Ramon F.
When I'm not busy I make a full combinations of push ups and stretchings for about 5 minutes. When I am busy Itry at least do the push ups to get an spike. Also I do serious workouts in the evening so just some push ups are enough for me
Frida W.
I have to get up a little earlier than usual. Sometimes it’s a huge pain, but it’s nice at the same time. I get up 30 minutes earlier than usual, do my 10 minute workout and then I get to spend the rest of the 20 minutes relaxing, and taking it slow.
Tanya Z.
I get up around 2.5 hours before I have to leave for work. It's the only way I have time to really focus on myself and my personal goals.
Terry S.
It’s simple but not. I get up at 05:15, drink my water, do my walk and then have breakfast. It’s all about forcing yourself out of bed and then doing the routine. That’s the hardest bit, getting out of bed early but I’m finding it really sets me up for the day.
Erundina Q.
Just roll out of bed 10 minutes early, have a bit of water, and do something, anything, to get your heart rate up. It can be jumping jacks or sit-ups or whatever pleases you. Then take 7 minutes to actually exercise. If your house is busy (kids/pets, whatever) put earbuds in and close the door, or if you're an outdoor type, throw your gear on and say "be back in a few minutes" and just go. They will live!
Abel O.
Wake up earlier. However early you wake up, wake up an extra 30 earlier, do intense intervals to get the most of your allotted time. You can do it.
Jenny F.
I also faced this problem. Exercising can be difficult to schedule in the morning, when you wake up ten minutes before you have to leave😆. I solved this problem by waking up twenty minutes earlier than I did before. This also gave me extra time to make a better breakfast. However, if you wake up earlier without going to sleep earlier, chances are you will be tired during the day. I started going to sleep at 10:45 and waking up at 6:20. I hope this answer helped you with your problem:)
C Lestin F.
I have been waking up at 5am, before everything or everyone else. This is like a “me” time, and then I read for around 50 min and exercise for 30 min.
Nicklas U.
I try to not separate it from my life, but add it to what I do anyway. For example: running to school, always taking the stairs, lifting weights while reading or watching the YouTube lectures, etc.
Martins E.
I fond shorter workouts that can be done in the morning but still leave me feeling energized. I make a list of my favorites on YouTube or other apps I use. I also use the ones provided on fabulous sometimes. I find it is hard to talk myself out of my workout on busy mornings because they are so easy to fit in.
Lucas G.
I simply wake up one hour earlier to be able to handle everything. You good time management. Remember that self care is very important.
Aur Lien E.
Be OK with exercising even for a short amount of time – don't be too ambitious. Even for a short time, do something every day; 5 sun saluatations, or the 7 minute workout even just one time.
Also, wake up earlier.
Lo C C.
I don’t. I honestly cannot fit exercise in in the morning routine. I exercise either on my lunch hour if work allows or I fit it in right after work.
Amalie X.
I have slowly worked back my rising time to 6:15. This allows me time of quiet refeflection and then time for exercise. When my kids were little, my husband and I traded off time to work out. I rose early and ran before he left for work, and he worked out before he came home. Once we joined a gym with childcare, that gave me more options. Because I am a former nurse and because heart disease runs in my family, I have always made exercise a priority. I find it to also be a great stress reliever, and it also helps me keep in shape to run around and keep up with my grandkids!
Bernardina E.
I just get moving and doing exercise while I do my other work.
Like, when I prepare my clothes I just make some exercise movement
Sandra U.
I do it every day because I know that is only for myself. I drink water, eat well breakfast and exercise. Than I feel great for the whole day
Eli Z.
I commute on a bike, take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, and walk as much as I can.
Remember, things like exercise and sleep and meditation make you more efficient and increase your capacity to do your things. So all of these self care things are effectively time that you spend to gain yourself more time. If there's a lot dependening on you and your performance, remember this: in any system if the maintenance equipment is not well maintained, eventually the entire system will fail irrecoverably because nothing can be repaired of the repair infrastructure is broken. So if, in the system of your life you are the maintenance equipment, your well-being is critical to everybody else getting what they need.
Luis T.
Do something short and intense like a Tabata set that takes only 4 minutes – clears the head and really improves your day!
Alma C.
I adjusted my sleep schedule so I can have more hours in the morning. Sleeping earlier 15 minutes each night will help you ease into it.
Ricardo U.
I make sure that I get to bed earlier by getting off electronics and shutting off distractions, so that I can wake up early enough to give myself an extra 20 minutes to work out. Even ten minutes is better than nothing. And we all have an extra 10-20, it’s just up to us how we spend that time.
Rico O.
If from the moment you wake up you think you are too busy to do exercise, then how about setting your alarm 5 to 15 minutes before your usual wake up time? Those "extra" minutes in your day are technically part of your "busy" schedule and are committed for your workout, you'll be remiss to use them otherwise. Also, consider getting some perspective on what "incredibly" busy means. A lot of the people that are generally looked to as super successful, valuable to society and habitually busy, still find time to workout during the day, usually in there morning. I'm talking about Presidents, CEOs and all manners artists. Read around you might give you some new ideas.
Rosie C.
It’s a change I always wanted to develop in my life, I wake up early and push myself to go workout and I have a great trainer
Victoria F.
I wake up as early as 0530hrs daily, except Saturday and Sunday to make sure I have at least 30mins of exercise before doing other things.
Ava Q.
The way I look at it is that as long as your doing something in the morning it counts. That could be something as simple as doing a 10 minute workout or a 30 minute run. As long as your blood gets moving and it gets your body moving it works. But the way I make time is by getting up earlier in the morning (around 20-30 minutes earlier) just to get a workout in. Those extra minutes allow me to both have the time to dedicate to my workout but also my busy schedule the rest of the morning.
Beatrix U.
I wake up a little earlier than I should and I just dance maybe with a couple of planks, or dancing during my shower, actually realizing about my priorities help a lot
Kathy U.
I get my clothes ready in the evening, and if I am pressed for time I’ll do a 7 minute workout on YouTube, that would be how long I’d spend on social media anyway.
Sander W.
If I don't have time for my full exercise routine, I make sure to at least stretch and do a few yoga poses just to get my body warmed up. I make a plan to fully exercise later in the day.
Anton U.
By doing everything else in advance the night before: packing your bag and laying out your outfit etc. This frees up time to exercise
Eric Z.
I have chosen not to be busy. Take time for you. You are the only YOU you have. Fill yourself each morning with the energy of life, through breathing, gentle exercise and being present for yourself. That way you can share from your excess.
Elmer S.
Good question. I have a very simple answer to it. I do my favourite exercise. For me 2 repetitions of Sun Salutations work out. It is about making efforts everyday. Missed it doing in the morning? Do it in the day or in the evening but quit excuses.
Z Ica Q.
I make sure I have everything ready to go in the morning and my workouts are flexible enough that I can do them for 30 minutes or 5 minutes if that is all I have time for.
Levi P.
I play my music while I get all my other things around, it’s not really a focused exercise time, but if I’m dancing a little bit then it’s better than nothing .
Ida U.
If you want to start veryyy easy, you can just aim for 3000, then 5000, then 8000 and then finally 10000 steps per day. This is a lot easier to incorporate into your usual busy day. Just hop off 1-2 stops earlier and go by foot, or if you want to buy groceries make the way to the supermarket a tad longer than usual.
Margot T.
I try to wake up early to at least do 5-10 minutes of exercise. But usually, I end up doing some exercises in the evening.
Selma B.
I wake up earlier to put in 30 mins of exercise so I fresh the whole day. I usually set the alarm earlier to give me that extra time.
Bruce O.
It depends. Sometimes it’s only 10 minutes, which means I can do a short workout. 20 minutes means a good yoga practice. I think it’s important to just do SOMETHING, though, and so if getting up earlier is what it takes, then that’s what I do.
Elizabeth F.
I build in 20 minutes. The evening before, I set aside workout and work clothes and prep for the morning — pack lunches, ready the coffee. I then get up with my alarm, let out and feed the dogs and finish lunch packing, start the coffee. Let the dogs back in and then stream a 20 minute workout. It gets my day started right because I've already accomplished a few tasks and the workouts sometimes are no joke.
Vidal Q.
I actually don’t. I usually go after work. It’s not easier for most people and with kids, families, significant others, or other responsibilities it’s not for everybody. However, it’s so much easier for me since it doesn’t jack up my sleep schedule and I don’t blow up my day to do it.

On the flip side, if you absolutely have to. Start with whatever is best for you. If you can only do a brief run, a brief workout, or even just a quick YouTube workout at home… just do that.

The trick to keeping a workout going is to make it small, easily accomplished, and reduce your obstacles to doing it. It seems counterintuitive but if your just trying to make sure you workout, start by working out 5 minutes a day or two minutes. Once you hit the 5 or 2 minute mark stop immediately. Your really just trying to do it regularly and at that point you just need reps consistently.

The other piece is if you hate running or don’t like getting up early… don’t do it. Do something else that works for you. As for obstacles, if it’s early and your house is cold and your workout stuff is in a far closer… put your clothes, shoes, hats, and everything else beside your bed the night before. So when you wake up, you’re just ready to go. If you have kids or a family… again, make sure you do what you can do reduce your obstacles that would normally stop you. You can’t minimize everything but definitely minimize everything you can.

The funny thing is that if you do something for 2 minutes everyday or every other day or just regularly eventually there’s a point where you cross over and the habit becomes an itch that tugs at you. At that point you’ll say to yourself… well, this is so easy now I’ll just keep going.

At that moment that’s how you know the habit is cemented. So… the trick to working out early or fitting something

Frida A.
I only do a 3-5 minute set of exercises every morning, so that I can do it every single day, no matter how busy. A few times a week I go out for a half an hour run as well, and to fit that in, I moved my bedtime and wake up time gradually back to get an extra half an hour in the mornings. 8f you're really busy and want to fit in a workout in your days, something like a 7-minute workout could work for you – it's high intensity but you're done within 10 minutes. Hope that helps and you find something that works for you!
Samuel Z.
I wake up early. I figured out how much time I needed to get my morning routine done and I started waking up early enough to give myself that much time. I currently get up at 5:40am every day.