What is your favourite form of exercise first thing in the morning?

Marito E.
I used to run 15-30 minutes first thing in the morning. I suffered a knee injury so I had to stop and now it's usually a very light run or bicycle.
Oliver C.
In the morning I like to do stretching exercises because that's my way of meditation. I focus on my breathing and on the exercises and forget about what's going on in the world. Searching helps me relieve stress and it helps me have a good start to my morning.
Guy N.
I don’t really know like I don’t have a favorite skill about exercise because I don’t doubt regularly how I want it to work
Denise S.
I really enjoy a nice relaxing exercise in the morning. Like yoga or some light stretching. Though sometimes I like to go hard and do some high intensity rowing machine, I find the more active I am the more it wakes me up and gives me a boost of energy.
Alpha Y.
High intensity interval training (HIIT).

I saw a video from an MD who advised this:
2 minutes normal exertion,
20 seconds full exertion,
2 minutes normal,
20 seconds full,
2 minutes normal,
20 seconds full,
2 minutes normal.

Total time elapsed, 9 minutes.

Total full exertion, 1 minute.

He said that this gives the same effect as 45 minutes of normal exertion.

I've been doing it, and it does feel like I've been on a half-hour walk.

I use an app called hiitme to keep time.

Try HIIT, you'll like it!

Stacy Q.
Most of the time I wake up, meditate and do some
Yoga. However, because I work from home and sit all day, I have started adding in a 5 to 10 minute walk on the treadmill. Hoping to take that outside once spring is actually here.
Thalia Z.
Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. I can pick one that is short enough for even days when I wake up late and can only manage a 5 minute routine, and I don’t get all sweaty to the point where I need to shower or just be stinky all day.
Anya N.
I do 5 to 20 minute workout videos with Popsugar Fitness on YouTube, whatever feels doable! Even if it's just 5 minutes, that's great, and it gets me moving. And eventually I got to a point where I was looking forward to seeing what the next video was going to be and doing longer workouts!
Liara Q.
I love stretching in the morning! It helps create blood flow and it takes away any pain I might have had from the previous night's sleep.
Ale F.
I’ve always practiced volleyball, and since I was very young my training has been in the morning (which leaves me energized for my day). However, now that I can’t train with my team I have taken up running and I’m loving it! I enjoy being able to feel the breeze through my skin and the accomplishment that comes with beating my own times. Also, running allows me to go into a meditation-like state by leaving my mind blank and having to focus only on putting one foot in front of the other. Hope this message helps you!
Julie T.
I like to wake up and start my day with 25-30 minutes of yoga before I go on to do strength training and cardio a little after! Yoga gets my muscles awake and it’s refreshing start before starting anything heavier or harder.
Tressa S.
Yoga, because it wakes up the mind and the body. Yoga is always a grear way to start each day. It puts you in a content and peaceful mindset.
Becky O.
My favourite form of exercise in the morning is either yoga, running outside or a 5 minute workout. I like yoga when I want to let out stress that I am feeling and it is great for relaxation. When I run I not only get a good workout but also get to breathe some fresh air and it’s good to get out in the nature. The only thing that bothers me sometimes is that I need to wait for good weather to be able to run. It’s mostly cold where I live so if I want to run I have to have good clothes on. And the last thing I can explain is the 5 min workout. The reason I like it is because it is great when I don’t have so much time to get ready in the morning or if I just want an intense workout for only 5 minutes.
Rachel C.
Yoga. Low intensity, allows me to connect with myself and meet me where I am that day. I get to stretch and feel some burn.
Lo C Z.
Yoga. Yoga was something I use to think was boring but I have come to realise the importance of taking a moment to breathe and focus solely on my body. It slows life down for a short time and helps me prepare for the day ahead.
Nicky O.
My favourite exercise is either jogging in the morning with my favourite music playing through my earphones or a yoga exercise/stretch whenever I don't have much time to spare and needed more of a relaxing wake-up call instead.
Anne B.
While my morning coffee is brewing I run up and down my basement stairs several times for a short burst of heart-pumping exercise.
Arielle O.
In the morning I prefer bodyweight exercises that don’t involve any equipment- some squats, incline push ups are a great way to start!