How do you make sure that you are resting your body as well as keeping a regular exercise routine?

Hadrien Q.
What is working for me is keeping a light exercise routine going daily. Meaning that I'm not working hard enough to require serious recovery. That means maybe twice a week or once a month or whenever I feel like going harder or longer I do. But I can still always keep doing my light exercise the next day.
What is important for me is to maintain the daily practice. Only letting myself take a day off when it's planned in advance.
Joan E.
Exercising doesn’t really make me tired, it usually makes me more energized. So I try to push in as many exercises into my schedule 🙂 if I’m feeling for it
Linda N.
I have a Garmin that has body battery function. It tells me when to rest and when to work out and how hard. It’s pretty much in sync with what I feel about my energy levels.
Loretta P.
I have grown used to the amount of excercise and sport that I do so for me I don’t really push myself as much as I could. Also, stretching and meditation throughout the day definitely helps aswell.
Alison F.
The only way to do this is if you know exactly how much rest your body needs. Dont force yourself to sleep or to wake up at night time after a good day of exercise. Your body knows how much rest it needs.
Ed U.
Resting is as important as exercising and the best way to do it properly is to treat it with the same significance you do a training routine. Keeping a constant sleep schedule is the best way to ensure you get enough rest. Set up an evening routine so your body knows when it's time for bed.
Katrina E.
My body is resting while sleeping and being disconnected. Exercise routine is in the morning when my body needs to wake up.
Brittany T.
I make it a serious buisness to get 8 hours of actual sleep. I take time to wind down by drinking thee and reading half an hour for I go to sleep.

First thing in the morning I exercise 10 minutes. During the day I walk 10.000 steps. I find the time because I do more things by foot.

Benjamin P.
For your exercise to be healthy your body needs rest to rebuild itself and make it stronger. Have one day a week as a rest day.
Kasper C.
I use an exercise program that alternates upper body strength, lower body strength, and cardio, with nothing but optional stretching on weekends. If I am sore still, I do a less demanding workout instead, just to loosen muscles up and get my heart going. In case you're interested, it is and I purchased the program called FB 30 (round 3), but you can try individual workouts for free.
B Ris A.
Every week I make an exercise plan. Wednesday is my restday. But depending on the Other events of the week the restday can vary. My exercises are build aroud this day.
I also keep a logbook. And when it was a heavy training I write down how I felt. And so I listen to my body. And An extra restday (or an easy workout) can be plannen in.
Ida Z.
Excersize helps you sleep better, energises your body for the next day, and releases dopamine.

I find I can get by with less sleep if I have excersized 2 to 4 times per week

C Cilia O.
I practise a short yoga routine every morning and walk in the daylight after breakfast – if I can dedicate other time to something more vigorous or longer later in the day that’s a bonus but sleep is the best priority!
Divo S.
In truth, insuring that I am getting enough rest and that I rest well, which may or may not be the same thing, is something I struggle with. It has been my struggle since childhood and a lack of it has been the precursor of many bouts of illness. One of the things I have attempted through Fabulous is to set a time, mid day, for a power nap. When I observe my 25 minute Coffee Nap I am more refreshed upon waking and energized for the remainder of the day. I am also better able to maintain focus on tasks at hand and much less likely to fall prey to my penchant for multitasking. I get more done. I am pleasantly tired at end of day and am better able to wind down. Subsequently, I have a more restful sleep. I do hope this has proven useful. Be well.
Philip C.
The routine is key! My after work routine consists of exercise, dinnertime and bedtime. I know those scheduled things will happen and all else I will be a little less rigid keeping to a schedule.
Hugh C.
I make sure I take time to breath, and think 🤔. Also meditation helps to restore your energy, and reading. Once you mmm ake these part of your routine it's easy to take time out.
Clara Z.
This question came at the right time to give the apt example. Today is Sunday – my rest day. I had an opportunity somehow to go for a walk. I was ready but I could feel the soreness in my right calf muscle from yesterday’s leg workout workout 🏋️‍♂️ and cricket 🏏. I just decided to stretch and do little yoga and skip the run until it rests. I did exercise too and I am rested. I hope this helps .
Michael J.
I am not sure if I am resting my body well enough. I started to show signals of not enough resting. When this happens I try to go to bed early etc. Very simple stuff.
Lillian Z.
manage your time well, and try not to leave things for the last minute. try making time in the morning to exercise, even if it’s for only a few minutes
Mary U.
use a schedule. have rest days during the week. and after a couple of weeks, have a rest week. during the rest week, only do half your regular workout. do the same thing when you're sick. also get enough sleep.
Rupert X.
I schedule in “active rest days” with yoga, a walk, etc. That way, I’m not resting arbitrarily or as an excuse when I don’t want to work out. For example, Mondays for me are kick boxing, Tuesday weight lifting, Wednesday 1hr yoga (because I’m frequently sore the day after lifting) Thursday’s core and cardio, Friday’s weight lifting circuits, Saturday ballet, and Sundays are a walk or run if I’ve got the energy!