What leg exercises can you do from home that achieve noticeable results?

Lis N.
Humm hacer sentadillas, para que proteja las articulaciones, para proteger la rodilla, mejora balance y tener buen tono muscular
Shubhra Z.
Squats. The best exercise for results. You can make them as easy or difficult as you want. Start with a simple squat then you can keep on adding to it. Like do a 10s hold in squat position. Or do a squat and jump sequence. Do a combo of half then full squat then jump. Do normal squats or sumo squats. Keep your hands straight above your head and do squats that’ll help your upper body as well. And so on. Having said that don’t just go in the description i gave. Watch a couple videos for each variation so as to do the exercise properly and not injure yourself.