What do you do when you have a regular exercise routine (say 20 min in the morning and evening) but you suddenly have other priorities and deadlines that need the extra time? For example exams, presentations etc.

Karin T.
I like to exercise early in the morning at a gym or outdooors. However, sometimes my schedule changes abruptly so I have to go to Plan B which means that I just do old – fashioned calisthenics at home such as plank variations, flutter kicks, pushups, sit ups, squats. It’s better than nothing at all.
Shane Y.
I take care of my priorities first and that has been happening a lot. My workouts have been suffering due to my bad eating habits and feeling to tired to workout. I have gained weight
Aubree Y.
Maybe you can break the 20min into four 5min breaks between studying, etc. This way you give your mind both a break and a boost with a quick workout. Just a suggestion, I hope it helps!
Renato Z.
I may shorten the length of regular exercises if I really don't have time. But normally I have some spare time to use for my hobbies, so I could cut off that time and use it for something important, so that I could continue an exercise routine.
Laura B.
Well, my friend I've been through this before. Actually I made sport one of the priorities but when I have exams, instead of practicing for 20 min I would practice for 10 or 12 min.so u need to take off the idea that u won't practice sport because of extra important activities. okey?!
I hope that I helped u 🙏❤️
Line T.
I have to make my routines as much of a priority as I can. Even if that means doing them in pieces around other things, or at a later time than usual.
Terra G.
remember that skipping a routine occasionally or even several times when you need to does not mean you are giving up. It just means that you have the flexibility to accommodate school and work demands. Make a plan, do what you have to do and then resume your routine. Also twice a day is a lot of exercising. Maybe once a day is more sustainable long term.
Guilhermina A.
I go to bed earlier and wake up earlier to get enough sleep and still have time. If I'm prevented from doing that then I make an alarm for myself as a reminder to complete the activity within the day so I don't forget.
Teresa T.
When I have a presentation coming up, I like to record what I have to say and listen to myself speak. Therefore, I might be able to exercise while listening to that. Also if I were exercising both morning and night, I might give up one of those for a couple of days.
Alexander P.
Most of the time I tend to know in advance if there is something important coming up. Knowing this I plan ahead by doubling my excercise the day before. If that’s not possibly then I’ll double the following workout session.
Katie U.
That’s a really good question that relates to me also. Sometimes I have to stay up really late to finish homework or a project, so I minimize my evening workout to a two minute plank and some squats. As long as it’s something.
Jonathan P.
My goal is not to work out every day, but to work out every day that I can. That means I try to push myself on days where I am busy but could fit it in and be kind to myself on days that I cannot. The reality is I’m not going to be able to work out 365 days in a year, so I’d rather set up the expectation that I exercise as many of those days as I can because doing yoga for 20 minutes is not more important than maintaining my friendships and enjoying other parts of my life.
Maja X.
There's a couple of solutions you can either 10 minutes in the morning 10 minutes the evening or the 30 minutes in the morning and don't do any in the evening, that way you still keep up your exercise routine and have a balanced life. personally I will do the 30 minutes in the morning and devote my time to studies etc in the evening, hope this helps.
Cecilie Y.
As a mom of 2 kids, I understand this dilemma. I started getting up earlier to make time for my routines. Working out was the hardest. My son would wake up in the middle of it every time. Honestly I just have to take a break and finish when I get time. I'm now trying to get all of schedules synched up with so I can plan better.
Terry O.
Find a short routine and stick to that. If you can do 5 or 7 minutes, that still adds up to 35 or 49 minutes a week. And for me at least, knowing that I am staying true to what's important to me makes me feel great
Andrew P.
I try to make time for exercise later in the day. I try to work exercise into my schedule by fast walking to appointments and errands.
Anita J.
If you plan well enough, there should be time to fit it in. Whether that means making a quicker dinner, not watching tv or reading as long or just waking up 20 minutes earlier you should be able to find time. If not and you miss a day you've got to keep a positive mindset and just make sure you learn, and fit it in tomorrow
Sebastian N.
If you have to use that exercise time slot for other priorities, then adjust your schedule to fit. Maybe get up a little earlier to fit in exercises or use what available time you do have, just to keep with routine. Then find a time slot elsewhere during the day to make up the difference, ie 10 minutes exercise and a brisk 10 minute walk at lunchtime.
Lvia S.
I usually end up sacrificing the exercise time that day, try not to beat my self up about it, but then try to add time the next day or at least make sure not to fall behind 2 or especially 3 days in a row with exercise or meditation or family/home activities or other work activities-

But I’m not sure what is a good answer to this question-

Probably best would be to still at least exercise even 10minutes or make sure not to fall off your routine more than one day?

Todd Z.
Exercise is major priority. In extreme situations, I would give up only one of the exercise sessions. Most likely the pm session.
Joseph C.
I’d choose to do 20 mins in the morning OR the evening in those instances. You don’t need to exercise twice a day everyday. 🙂
Edwin U.
I am preferring exercise over other activities because it keeps me energetic for whole day. If it is really necessary then I am reducing the time for exercise but in that short duration I'm increasing the effort.
Artur T.
You don’t have to do a 20 min exercise session, just do it for 5 min. The thing is not to break your habit and keep doing it. Because if you break it for even one day next you will feel to drop it again and if in near future if you feel tired and not in a mood to wake up and thing what harm one day will do then it becomes a habit to skip and then you will permanently stop doing it
Simon E.
I'm trying to do any exercices f.e. shorten the time or make only most important ones. I've got prepared yoga sesions for time when I'm very tired.
Christine U.
It goes right down the drain! Just kidding. With priorities and deadlines comes stress. What better way to regain your focus than with 20 minutes in the outdoors? Some fresh air will keep your mind sharp and gives the opportunity to take up those tasks with renewed motivation.
Magnus W.
I think it really depends on what your exercise routine does for you. If it gives you energy and/or a sense of accomplishment, now would be the worse time to stop. Exercise is a good stress reliever so I say keep going. Option b is to switch it up. Maybe you use am exercise bike while you study or stand while you work. Option c is to stop but beware, it will be Particularly difficult to start up again.
Harold Z.
The operative word is “suddenly “. You just work it from there. As long as you spend some time on that day doing your exercises, you still have accomplished your goal for the day. When the “suddenness “ goes away, you realize that you didn’t break your routine and for that you can give yourself a pat on the back.
Soham C.
Me, I only exercise every day in the morning – my evenings can often get too complicated. If I’m very busy, I exercise less & find a work around. Maybe find a moment during the day to take a walk. Try to compensate. The only thing I don’t do is stop entirely.
Isab U F.
If I can, I will try to at least do 5 minutes. Something is heyter than nothing. But, when there is no time, other priorities may come first, and skipping one workout won't break me. It's the habit of trying to work out when I can that is important.
Janice S.
It depends on your priorities. Exercising will make your body feel better and after that you can go focus on the tasks that you have to do. If you feel like that the tasks are very important then do them and decide to exercise if you still have time for that
Francisco P.
Exams and presentations don't look like sudden priorities. In this cases, i wake up earlier.
If something appears suddenly then i change my routine and i go for shorter one like 10 minutes yoga, 7 minutes HIIT workout or 5 minutes power walk.
The purpose is not to follow the routine no matter what. The routine is what's helping you to reach the goal of being fit and healthy so, from this point of view, i have no problems adjusting my routine when necessary.
Rick S.
in eerste instantie komt komt dat niet snel voor, gezien bewust huisvader maar vakantie met kinderen? denk wel dat het een vraag aan jullie is?
Bobbie O.
I would do a short full body exercise since a small workout is better than no workout. You could also try moving while doing the certain. It is proven that walking while studying helps you memorize things better. The last thing is that you can use your break as your workout time.
Norman J.
I never miss the routine, that teaches my mind to be aware and to plan the day better. Otherwise my mind would know that routine could always be missed to gain time.
Ad Le E.
Sometimes I adjust the timing of my exercise routine so I'm able to get a full session in. Otherwise, I keep the routine (in this case morning and evening) and reduce the time (maybe 10 minutes instead of 20. Even 5 is better than nothing!). That helps keep the habit instead of totally letting it slide.
D Rio S.
I do lightweight version of my exercises, it take me 3-5minutes, but I do it to keep on track. It good to prepare before lightweight version, and when you suddenly cant do full exercise plan, let’s do easier one, but do it.
Titouan Q.
Shorten the exercise time to say 5 minutes temporarily rather than stopping completely. You can use the workouts as short breaks too. Good luck!
Luc Lio E.
I divide the exercise to when i need a break. And i would stretch or go for a quick walk, rather than a sweaty workout if i need to look presentable later in the day.
Bob Z.
If I have to do something else, that is fine I do not do the routine in that particular day. No one has to be perfect.
Cora U.
Putting aside 5 mins for exercise is better than none. You can also do less formal things, like wall push ups, walking up /down steps, jumping jacks etc…
Julie Z.
It’s a tough call, but if it’s for exams or something that’s going to require a lot of concentration, getting up a little bit earlier in the morning and doing the run or exercising in the evening before your work does help clear the mind and gives you that little endorphin rush to boot.
Isa O.
I skip exercises and finish my tasks.
I may also skip dinner.
I don't prioritize my heath over my academic progress.
Although I regret this lifestyle I can't change the fact that work will always come before health.
Rose B.
Well I once read online as long as you dont skip more than two days in a row that your routine will still be doable or atleast your results wont be ruined. Plus I think you could make time in the day to do small bits at a time you know? A few push ups here and there maybe? Or take a brake from your school work and do some of your workout then maybe..? I hope I helped 🙂
Margie T.
I would split the exercise, and do 4x10min, cause you alway have breaks, during the day, or do 10 min in the morning, and go for a run/svim/bicykling when I'm done with work/school.
Jer Nimo P.
I've a morning routine and I'm use to wake up early. At that time of the morning there's nothing else that need to be done but my routine no matter what. If I need to start my day earlier because I want to do something important I try to workout less minutes or preapre a simpler breakfast, but try not to quit at any cost. If you start thinking there's more important things to do you'll end up finding excuses more often that is actually necessary…
Leon Z.
When that happens, I prioritize what is more important or pressing at the time. I will move my workout to a different time in the day or either modify it to allow for my other priority to receive the attention it needs.
Anita E.
Firstly, I upset! ) unfortunately I prefer to do things for which I need more time, wich have nothing to do with health, mental o physical. But the only thing I try to do is enough sleep.
Margie U.
I have my 3 set gym days where I work on my muscle groups & hit training. So on the other days I just do some squats, or put the music on n dance with my daughters. It depends on how I’m feeling that morning,
William G.
You have enough time when you have a good time management and avoid any distractions during deep work would help you get extra things done during your usual time. If you really can’t do your routine you can squeeze the workout routine in between such as have power walk while
listening to your work/study material or do chair exercise when you do your work.
Thibaut U.
I usually skip the exercise and prioritize my deadlines and exams. I usually get into the situation because of procrastination and leaving my work to the last minute
Isaiah Z.
If you don't have time for the whole routine try to do at least some part of it. For the sake of doing it. If this will happen too often the think about changing your routine for something less time consuming or for something that you could do for the whole day. Like 5 pushups every hour.
Sara S.
Do a quicker workout or just split it. Think about what feels right for your body first and then choose some exercises that fits best to your needs. A short workout is better than nothing.
Corentin T.
I do a minimum of 20 minutes a day in the morning if I can’t do it in the morning I’ll do it later in the day. If I really don’t have time I’ll do a shorter workout and do a longer one the following day
Stephanie S.
Try to stick to it by waking up a little earlier or cutting back certain activities by only a few minutes here and there. But if it’s really not possible just do it for say 10 minutes instead of 20. Don’t be too hard on yourself for not doing it to the full extent even if you can only stretch for 3 minutes you are still keeping the routine of devoting time to some sort of physical activity.
Faustine C.
Usually, I tend to skip, which leads to me losing that habit. I think it's probably better to just shorten the time you exercise for the duration of the more demanding period. If my current experience with Fabulous is anything to go by, it's enough with just a couple of minutes to get benefits from physical activity.