What morning exercise do you do?

Horst F.
Running is my favorite, by far. Time alone in nature, or time before work to listen to a podcast while getting my body active and outside is so nice. But incorporating a longer dog walk is also great
Jacob G.
I do 10 squats and 5 push ups, focusing on form more than quantity. I picked these numbers bc they're not too strenuous but get the blood flowing!
Jessica C.
Hi!I do 3 sun salutations as I get out of bed then I like to alternate between a bicycle ride if it’s nice out, a run or stretch/power yoga!
Terrance O.
Stretch a few minutes and little things like taking out the garbage outside (stairs), also back-pain preventing exercise
Rebecca F.
I jump on a mini trampoline. This type of rebound exercise combines light cardio with light strength training and is a great way to get your lymphatic system going.
Kaylee Y.
I don't really always do my morning exercise, but my morning exercise are skipping 50x, read my magazine, and eat breakfast. Sometimes, I don't always do all of that!