What is your morning exercise routine and how long does it last?

Leona J.
At the moment, I don’t have one, but tomorrow will start every day with yoga. I will start with 10 minutes and work my way up.
Alex F.
I go rollerblading for 20 minutes every morning and it's really enjoyable for me, I'm excited to go out and start exercising. I also keep a distance tracker on my phone and it's really rewarding to see all the time and distance build up as I continue.
Jordan Z.
Hi, having exercise in the morning is the best option because in the middle of the day u can't change your clothes or take a shower after exercise so if u wake up earlier in the morning u can put on the right clothes and go for a run and take a shower and u feel much better
Avery T.
My morning exercise routine is all about working two different muscular groups of my body every day (4 exercises per muscular group) and finishing the session with some abs workout (one day the higher part, another day the medium part, and another one the lower part), alternating between days (one day I work my higher part, the other I do some planks, the other I do my medium part, etc). It takes me arround 2 hours or 2 hours and a half.
Sao Y.
I cycle to work everyday so I consider that exercising in the morning. Because I hate exercising in the morning and always do it in the evening instead
Estella F.
My morning exercise is an abb or body workout because I don’t want to be fat, I want to live my best life and stay fit. It usually last up to 20 minutes