Is gym necessary to exercise?

Am Lia Q.
No not at all. Although for some people it works better I have personally found I enjoy doing chloe ting programs. They are free and have good structure to them.
Ida X.
No a gym is not necessary to exercise. There are plenty of things you can do at home. Also there is small equipment you can get to use at home. Such as small weights or strength bands.
Adolfine S.
No! Google "exercise at home" or "workout no equipment" or "bodyweight exercises". If you're following a program that uses gym equipment, Google substitutions (ex. "Leg press bodyweight substitute"). Some people like the gym bc when they're in their home they're thinking about all the chores they could be doing and sometimes family (especially kids) and pets can make it hard to focus. Others are less motivated by the gym bc the thought of having to get ready, leave their home, drive to the gym, workout, and drive back is a lot. Especially if that is before you even start your day or after you've been at work for 8 hours. Trial and error, my friend. Discover what works best for you 🙂
Martinho F.
Absolutely not. There are plenty of free websites and videos to use. There are also program ls you can purchase if you feel so inclined but even that's unnecessary iny opion.
Kasper G.
All you ever need is your body and some space. A little space accommodates yoga, Pilates, basics like push-ups, crunches, and squats. A large space allows for running, athletics, sprints. Dancing is possible in any space!
Alvin Q.
Depends on who you are. The short answer is no. However, if you are a person like me you will find excuses not to exercise when you are at home so a gym may be the place that is solely for working out so you don't have an excuse. But you do not need a gym. If you do bodyweight excercises you can get a very good workout while your at home as well.
Chad P.
No, definitely not. Especially if you’re planning on doing a relatively short excercise. You could think about doing yoga, a set of excercises like sit-ups, crunches, squats, lunges, push-ups etc. which you can do anywhere or even just take a walk outside. But even long excercises can be done from home, there are lots of ideas and inspiration on the internet.
Jenny J.
No. I live right down the street from a gym and yet I actually prefer exercising at home with my own weights and yoga equipment.
Martin P.
Gym gives me the motivation by being around people who share similar goals of being fitter stronger or losing weight this encourages me to keep going.
Elisha J.
Not at all! There are lots of at home practices you can do with just a mat or your own set of small weights, like yoga and pilates. You could also run or walk outside.
Edward B.
It's not necessary but for me it's easier to focus on fitness when I'm there rather than just trying to figure it out on my own
Dora E.
No not at all I do simple exercises like push-ups pull-ups squats planks and other things.All of which I listed you don’t need a gym but you and a place were you have enough room to do your exercises.
Philip O.
No, if you're more comfortable working out at home, outdoors, in the park. You can do it, I'm running with the nike runing app and there are plenty of training apps like adidas, nike and many other goodies to try and see what works for you
Lorenzo Z.
No, a gym is not because there are simple exercises that you can do in your home that you don’t need a gym membership for. Also, there are small weights and yoga mats so you can progress along even better in your home.
Khoville N.
No. A short exercise in the morning, that doesn’t require the gym, can give you a boost in your energy levels, whether it may be running, a couple push ups or even walking.