Do you have any suggestions for exercise I can do at home without special equipment?

Anna J.
I find that yoga is ideal for home-based exercise and you don't even need a mat, if you don't have one. A towel or a rug is fine 😊
Kelly Y.
Push ups. Squats. Strength exercises with elastic bands or strips. Jumping jacks. Check out You Tube for exercise videos.
Ernst F.
There are many choices when it comes to working out at home. There are more exercises that don't require special equipment than most people realize. If however you have severe pain or limitations, it may be a bit more restricted.
Pilates and yoga only require a mat.
Think anything that uses bodyweight as the resistance. Pushups, jumping jacks, squats, lunges, burpees, mountain climbers, sit up, dancing, the list is longer and longer.
If you have a rope available you can modify most of the text to be with a rope.
Martial arts… And it goes on and on.
Really you might want to look at what you liked to do as a child and try that….
Heather W.
Personally, I've always enjoyed yoga in the morning – it may sound corny, but a"sun salutation" is a great start to the day. If you're allergic to yoga, check out the Seven Minute Workout – it's a bit more intense, but it hits just about every part of the body, it only requires something like a step as a prop, and like the name says, it's over in seven minutes. (Wanna go longer? Do it twice or more.)
Tracey G.
I am not sure if I can suggest another app in here…but 'Keep' app for exercise is just great! You follow exercise being demonstrated and you just follow…each session is around 20mins or so.Do try it out!
Isabella C.
There are a huge number of very good Apps that can be downloaded & which guide you through exercises with no equipment … I have used the Nike Training Club (NTC) App ( which is excellent in terms of giving you a program & exercises to follow with little video clips to show you how to do them …
Sander W.
I really like using the Nike training club app because it gives you workouts based on what you have, including no equipment workouts
Micaela F.
I think there is a lot more you can do with your body weight than most people realize. Ideally, a $30 pull up bar would be enough for a full gym, but with no equipment you can build strength and endurance. Push ups and squats are a great start and can be endlessly varied. Stepping up and down off of a chair can get your heartbeat up in just a few minutes for cardio.
Tess T.
100 jumping Jack's
90 crunches
80 squats
70 leg lifts-35 each leg
60 jumping Jack's
50 crunches
40 squats- 20 each leg
30 leg lifts
20 jumping Jack's
Run or walk 1 mile
Wayne E.
YouTube is a great resource for those that don't have special equipment as well as phone apps. YouTube has channel like fitness blender and popsugar. I like to use the 30 day challenge app for quicker workouts.
La R Q.
Use some apps that gradually get you doing more pushups and situps. I use apps called 100 pushups, 200 situps, 200 squats, etc.
Jose O.
Push-ups, squats, abs exercises, plank, wall sit: all of them do not require any additional equipment and good for beginning and staying on your exercise routine
Julie F.
Pushups, situps, planks, lunges, squats, leg raises, calf raises, and arm circles are strength exercises I do to use muscles from most areas of my body. The only "equipment" I ever use is a soft mat to make situps easier.