As a new exerciser I want to know how do people handle the days when they feel too sore to exercise? I have read that there should be rest days, but I’m afraid to do that. I’m on a roll and want to keep going!

Chelsea E.
You should have rest days. It helps your body, being too sore to workout is your body's way of telling you it needs a break. I'd take a break so you don't have to take a break because you injured yourself, believe me it sucks.
Rowena F.
Rest days actually re-energise you, so don’t worry about motivation. Working out too much can lead to serious health problems in the future, so I’d be more careful about working out too much than too little. Every person is different, but as a rule of thumb, wait till that muscle is not sore before you properly strain it again. You can also do active rest days, where you do very light activity like walking or yoga in between strenuous exercise like HIIT or strength training.
Mathilda U.
I would suggest working out every other day. That way your muscles have a day to relax and develop themselfs. Don't forget to stretch or do some yoga though. If you want to excercise every day that's good, just remember like I already mentionned to stretch after your workouts and maybe before you go to bed, that helps me. Find your balance and what ever works for you better is the best solution to see results and feel good. As you continue to get more fit and develop a routine you can of course adjust your workout schedule.
Eva P.
Rest days are very important too. It helps your body heal and form new muscle. Too much may result in an injury. However daily exercise is of course something you should always do, however, the intensity can vary. If you feel sore you might do some light workout form also called LISS. It includes very light cardio like walking or biking. Try that! 🙂
Marialda Q.
On rest days you can do some small exercises such as going for a brief walk or do some yoga/stretching! It keeps you going without overworking your body. Hope it helps and good luck on your fabulous journey!
Amanda Z.
Do easy relaxing exercises that allow you to recover, they should not increase your soreness. Examples are going for a relaxing walk, yoga , or just simply stretching
Ashley U.
giving your body time to rest is just as important as exercising , especially for beginners. don't rush things and force yourself to do something. Take it at your own pace.