Do you use any workout apps? Do you do your workouts at home or at the gym?

Licete F.
I use an app so it can guide me through what exercises I should do. I work out at home, you don't need all that equipment to have a good workout but the gym itself can be motivating for some.
Andrea C.
I am not self motivated to exercise. I go to a boot camp kinda thing called Camp Gladiator and it’s been transformative for me. It all over the US and you can go to any camp. They are outside and one hour. Super nice community of people.
Jill N.
I workout at home with workout videos from youtube because i can t go to the gym.They are very helpful if you can t go to the gym or do calisthenics
Erina U.
I do workouts at home. I have subscribed to an online hiit (high intensity interval training) fitness program called millionaire hot pro and follow the video challenges. I have my own dumbbells and bar for some of the videos. I have also just signed up for a local group fitness bootcamp every Sunday morning.
Daryl F.
I have a gym membership, but I don’t go very often. It’s difficult to fit it in around work because of the class times available. I’ve started skateboarding this week though, and I love it. It’s so easy to just go for a quick skate on my lunch break, or when I get home from work. ☺️🛹
Fernando J.
I use down dog yoga (paid app), I do total beginner sequences focusing on flexibility, 15 minutes (planning to go up to twenty); yoga mat near the bed is crucial. It makes me feel good.
H Lger O.
Try Nike Fitness Club. There’s a nice collection of guided workouts that you can do at home with or without much equipment. I have free weights and a mat and can do most workouts at home. I add to my setup almost every month instead of paying for a gym membership.
Omar N.
I usually take the 7 minutes workout provided by the app in the morning and at evening i go to the gym for at least 15 minutes so its a combination between home and gym
Sarah P.
I follow YogaWithAdriene on YouTube, because it allows me to practice yoga every day at my house for free.

-Exercising with others is something that has made me anxious in the past.
-Also, taking a class somewhere is expensive!
-I have a harder time following through with my daily practice if I don’t do it in the morning.

I’ve found that for me, doing free, daily home yoga gives me a sense of capability, strength, peace and accomplishment before I start my day at a stressful job. I feel more centered and I’ve become much stronger 💪🏼

Fa U.
No, I do 30 day yoga challenge. Yoga with Adrienne is the best! It gives me a great start for the year, month, week, day and I practice a bit of martial arts. I have never been very athletic so it is a challenge for me, specially when I get too tired or just lazy. But it's becoming easier and easier to just go and enjoy that hour for me, to distract myself from everything else.
Maja X.
I use steps counting apps and do some light exercise at home, not at the gym. I noticed however that an app or smartwatch can definitely help staying focused on the goal and commit.
Christiaan P.
Not an app, but online coach, I use Athlean X, check it out on YouTube. Lots of good information there to improve your workout. In the end I both a schedule from him, and I'm very happy with the results, you have to put in the hardwork, but the result is definitely there, good luck PS. YouTube offers you tuns if information to create your own workout! I just like the idear better that a pro made mine! So I train right and save for the long run. Getting old, healthy is the name of the game!