What is your favorite yoga playlist recommendations to start the day?

Anna A.
I don’t usually need music to practice yoga. I enjoy the quietness in the morning. However, sometimes I would play some light music such as piano or violin songs. Hope that helps. Anyway, enjoy your practice!

Alan T.
I like to play a bit of everything once in a while. I do find that music with a positive message works better than not.

Marie E.
What do you mean by "yoga playlist recommendations"? When I do yoga I follow a guided exercise such as "SarahBethYoga" or "Yoga With Adrienne", both on YouTube, or the yoga app, Down Dog. On the app you can choose the music style that suits your mood!

Wenke Q.
I’m not doing yoga yet but I do want to start. When I do start i’m going to check out “Yoga with Adriene” on YouTube. She has a lot of sessions of various lengths.

Philip U.
So, on my Alexa I have a start my day routine. Tells me a fun fact, the weather, my favorite news then it ends on a “Mood Boosting” playlist.

This playlist is on Spotify and it’s all this running water and zen garden music. Very relaxing and helps me start a little work out in the morning.

Enola W.
I don't have any playlist. I do like some soothing music to begin with and probably something more upbeat when exercising…then soothing again during cooldown.