How long did it take you to build up to doing at least 30 minutes every morning?

Charles W.
I have a dog. So would take her out to go the bathroom. But then I started going out with her on the leash after breakfast. Eventually we both learned to walk calmly, and enjoy the walk. Now I don't even track the time we take. The walks are still getting longer and more enjoyable.
Ritthy Q.
I personally don't do it for 30 min in the morning. What I do is a very small exercice in the morning (2×20 push-ups usually) just to wake my body up, and then I allocate some time for proper exercice later in the day. I do that because I don't like doing too much effort without having eaten in the day and I also don't like to do it right after eating my breakfast, since it is usually pretty heavy. But if I were to want to have a 30min workout every morning I think I would go in small steps (maybe add 5min of exercising each week, start at 5 or 10).
Addison U.
Start at a couple of minutes of excersise ( 7 minutes) then added on 3 minutes every day till it became 30 minutes then from there on made my exercises harder and more challenging
Evie P.
Having the right mind set Plays a big part to doing mornings exercises. I found that having a stable morning routine, ie. wake up at 6:30 drink water, start workout at 6:35, breakfast at 7:10, really gives you dedicated time in when you should workout. I also found that I work a lot better when watching a fitness YouTube video.- that way you work out WITH someone at the same time, which motivates you. This will also keep you on track of time and will build your stamina. Good luck and best wishes!
Arlene P.
It took me a few days. Adding small steps to the routine day by day was the secret. Seeing that I’m able to implement such habits build the foundation.