What do you do when you travel? Flight at 5:50. I can eat breakfast at a bus to the airport. What about exercise?

Tracy Z.
Ah you dont need to do push ups or stuff like that! You can just walk around and it would still be an exercise! Just keep your body moving! When i travel i pack all my things and get some stuff for entertainment (cards,play-doh,pens and paper)! I try to stop myself from sitting for a long time before my flight/ride so i can later stay put and don't feel uncomfortable!

Mara N.
Well, when i travel, i usually listen to music and fight with my brother :). About exercise, i can do it when i arrive at the hotel or if they have a garden, i could do it there.

Ams N.
When you wake up there should be time for you to relax exercise and have a good breakfast to make you feel great for the rest of your day. Try and make room for this but if you can’t maybe have an exercise or jog the evening before. Xx

Sean N.
I think exercise can be a very broad term. I think defining why you exercise and what that means to you is helpful to make it more sustainable. For me, I exercise because of it allows my body to do specific activities with greater ease. An important part in seeking this is stretching. Too often is stretching neglected, and it’s very easy to do in an airport.

دُعاء | Douae 🧚🏻‍♀️ N.
I think its better to dl your exercice before going , just after drinking morning water , i think its a good time , good luck 💛💛

Shane E.
Yes, in that situation we get very less time to exercise but there are some videos where they demonstrate full body workout in minimum minutes. If I am not wrong it is 7 minutes full body workout.