Non-morning people: How do you find factoring exercise into your morning routine if you need to leave the house super early? Is it hard? Do you slip up?

Sara Q.
If I need to leave the house super early I’ll either try to get a workout in in the evening, but when I know that won’t happen I either try to fit it into my commute (walking more) or I forgive myself for missing a day or so, it’s not the end of the world.
Alae N.
I am not really a morning person lmao, but I do wake up early because I have school. Anyways, if you really wanna wake up early , you gotta have a good sleeping routine, and when I say that I don't mean only sleep early. But also how and when and after what. I usually prefer sleeping when watching a movie or something like that, or do something I like before I sleep which will make even more relief and relaxed and will help me sleep well and in peace. I highly recommend to start a night routine before a morning one❤️ But even tho for me it's already a daily routine so I started directly with the morning one because I feel like great with my night one
Sofia O.
Yes it is much more difficult and not convenient at all. I find that planning to exercise later in the day is easier for me and I slip up less. I have very long days and already sleep less than I should and if I have to wake up earlier to work out instead of sleeping longer it negatively affects my health.
William W.
I do slip up, I’m sure everyone does. Even just a morning stretch in the morning would be sufficient. Just get yourself up, maybe go to bed earlier and wake up just a few minutes earlier and give yourself time to get up.
Tyrone N.
It is hard and I may slip up. But if you're able to figure out your entire day and determine if the morning is just the optimal time to fit it in based on all you have to do, then it just becomes a matter of doing it or not doing it. And if you put yourself 1st and believe your health must be a priority, that will be your motivation get up early to do it, knowing you're doing something for yourself in your busy day of things for others.