I suck at sticking to a timetable plan. Any good ways I can bring myself to stick to mine?

Jan R.
Yes, start with very easy tasks. Just one or two, or 3 at the most. And do them. As they will be just a few will be very easy to do. Set easy tasks ok? ( drinking water, gratitude etc..) Then after 90 days you would have created the habit of sticking to a routine. And will be easy for you to go bigger on them. The reason you "suck" is because your brain is not used to do them. You need to create that habit and for you to accomplish that, you must do it for about 3 months in a row, thats why the importance of starting with easy quick tasks. You will manage 💪!!
Zarmala A.
Yes- I had exactly the same issue; I kept trying to follow templates and advice from productivity experts but I got overwhelmed and it was too hard to change my habits. I realised the only way to stay motivated was to make a timetable uniquely fitted to me- I listed the way I like to do things, e.g. when I like to sleep and wake up, when I like to work, when I like to eat – I even put in all the little details like when to brush my teeth – it’s wonderful because it works and I can stick to it because it’s what my body is happiest with following.
Monika Z.
I am new to the app but I think patience is the key. Big changes are accumulations of little ones and this app seemes fo know your guide us with little ones. Do one or two new ones for a few days before adding more habits. Feel free to add habits that are improtant to you too and set alarms and perhaps add reward system. If we know there is a small prize waiting for us it will be much more gratifying doing the task. Good luck and hope this helps!
Hunter U.
Keep the plan specific to keep tasks manageable. Rather than “review document,” use “read and take notes about X for the first 5 pages of document.” Also review and summarize what you did yesterday while you write the plan for today to track how you did and didn’t follow your plans.
Adele F.
Prepare as much as you can the night before. So on a week day I make my breakfast the night before so I don't have to worry about waking up late and not having time. If I'm planning on doing exercise first thing I put out my exercise clothes so they're easiest to grab and I'm already wearing what I need so might as well do it. On a weekend I'm more relaxed with it all.

I also have found that not restricting myself to a set time is really handy. So instead of being like at 7am I get up, then go for a run. At 7:30am I get home and changed. Then 8am I have breakfast. I make more.of a list of what I want to do that day eg.: when I wake up I'll get dressed and go for a run then when I get back I'll get changed and have breakfast. That way I still have all the things I want done and in the order I wanted to do them but there's less pressure throughout the day.

Nicholas O.
Make the demands looser, you don't need to be waking up 9am sharp, create a reachable ballpark and slowly tighten it. So have a wake up window of 8am to 9:15 at first for a week, meet that then go 8am to 8:45 and so on. Til you make yourself a well oiled machine.