Do you have dogs? How do you do floor exercises without them climbing all over you??

Oscar Z.
Yes I have dogs. Usually I can’t tell her to go and she will leave me alone for the time being. If that doesn’t work, invest in a kennel or put them in another room while you do floor work
Gunther G.
Peanut butter…. I have a 1yo puppy that swears she is a 60lb lapdog. So I put peanut butter in one of her bones, and she is too busy to worry about what I'm doing. If she isn't behaving, I could always put her in her kennel, or out in the yard.
Victoria T.
No, I don’t dogs. I have a child. She also likes to act like this. I put one more mat next to mine and ask her to do the same exercise with me. Sometimes it works. But not every time. To be honest I don’t do floor exercise now at all. I plan to include them in my morning routine later.
Freja F.
Exercising with the dogs is an art form and a magic trick. If it's possible to put them outside while you work out. That is the best way, if you can't, try giving then a rawhide or something to chew on that keeps them busy like one of those peanut butter filled toys.
Jade C.
I don’t have dogs now but I’ve had this same issue with my previous dog and cat. The only thing that’s worked for me is shutting them out of the space I’m in, or try to work out around them…both have their own challenges lol! You could try giving them a really amazing chew toy or treat that will keep them busy for a bit.
Isabella C.
Well I occupy them with treats. Like the hard dog bones that have the knot looking ends. They will be so focused on the bone they won't have time to bother you.
Reginald S.
Haha! Funny, I have two dogs and they just watched me do the 7 minute workout while napping on my bed. But when they do try to get involved I will quickly pet them but keep going
Ma Lys Q.
Yes, and she ruined my morning yoga through the winter when I couldn't do it outside. I just use a different room or our apartment gym.
Storm A.
I’m a cat person so I’m not quite sure but I would recommend either letting them out to play or you going in a private space with the door shut.
Brent W.
I do have dogs, thankfully they’re small so they’re easy to push away. Just push them away whenever they try to climb on you and give them a stern “No!” If they get off and walk away give them a treat. Keep doing this, but make them wait longer to get a treat when you feel they are ready for that longer wait. Whenever they try say “No!” And continue to make them wait. Eventually they’ll get the memo. Good luck friend!
Eline S.
No…i dont have dogs.
Generally i prefer 7 minutes exercise with help of app,or two round run of track.
I do have hours…riding it is a exercise it self😜
Emanuel O.
I’m afraid I don’t, but I usually use my body as lest’s say barbell. Plus your body weight is the best tool to make you fit. 🙂
Erik T.
I have a dog but he’s a snuggler. I have read about people who incorporate their dog into the routine—if you Google working out with your dog, you will find detailed information. Good luck 😀