I’m still struggling with core exercises making my back and neck hurt. Any ideas?

Jayden E.
try daily after workout stretches for back and uperbody ' you can find so many on YouTube '
also place pillow horizontally under your back when you sleep
Ashley O.
try to keep ur back as flat as possible to not engage ur back muscles while doing it. try to switch up the exercises too!! maybe there’s certain exercises that just don’t work for you 🙂
Jo N.
I’d suggest looking at ‘Squat University’. I saw a video where he had an argument against sit ups. It’s also possible the locker back pain could be due to sitting too long (happened to me) or your glutes are strained. As I’m a random person on the internet, I strongly recommend you seek expert advice. Lastly I may suggest getting a ‘foam roller’ or cricket/lacrosse ball which would help you loosen muscles around the target area.

Hope this helps

Rowena F.
Build yourself up over time. If you’re using weights, I recommend beginning with no weight whatsoever – you might think some of the exercises look silly without weight (let’s face it, some of them do), but it’s much better than hurting yourself. If you’re not using weight currently, or you dropped your weights and you didn’t feel any different, go for less time and less intense exercises. Also, rest after each day until you feel you’re not sore in that muscle group any more. Rest days help gain energy and strength.
Hopefully you’ll feel better and after a few days or weeks or even months, you will be able to build back up and use weight or exercise for longer, without the added pain and being much stronger, fitter and healthier. I promise it works out in the long run!
Melina A.
If core exercises make your neck hurt you may not be doing them right! I would maybe try lighter core exercises that are easier to do without trying to lift with your neck instead of your core. Or you can try the same exercises again but really focusing on making sure you don’t strain your neck. Personally I also like watching fitness youtubers like Blogilates to help keep me motivated and for explanations of form!
Arlene F.
I would very simply say, start small, start easy. Don't push yourself to exercise to the extent it hurts. Start with core exercises which can be done lying down on your back without lifting your neck and use a back support/pillow when necessary. As you work in this manner over time your core will get stronger and slowly start supporting your back and neck as well. Hope this helps!
Dalila Q.
I have scoliosis so my back constantly hurts. Even light exercises are quite painful. I haven’t exercised at all before joining Fabulous so I recommend starting with some light stretching or light yoga routine. That really helped me.
Katerina U.
I've found that exercising isnt about doing it exactly right, it's simply about doing. Go slow. Dont take it too far,and dont do the things that hurt to do. You will see that if you try a little each day that you progress a little each day and before you know it,you realize that you can now do something you couldn't when you first started!
Tanuli Q.
Don't do exercise intensely and harsh start doing the same steps with less efort . If it is stretching strech as you can do . Do it comfortably and hold it as you can , Later your flexibility will increase gradually . It is normal to have body aches and sometimes we have to ignore it 'cause it will reduce with time . But back and neck is important so ee have to pay attention towards that or find professional exercise help . If you did exercises properly according to instructions it won't affect ypur organs as I think . If so just ignore the pain and go on
Sinor A.
This happens when you’re not doing the exercise correctly or maybe you’re straining your neck when doing them. Such as straining your neck and trying to look up when doing a sit up. Make sure your form is right and you’re not pushing yourself too hard.