Does walking to school count?

Havah J.
Yes I would say it is but you could even try doing a jog but since you are moving and walking around I would count it as exercise 😁
Caroline N.
Depends how you walk it, i always do a fast walk there and a slow walk back. Sometimes I mix it up with a meditation walk to beat that stress, i also have mini races to get the heart racing and my child likes that
Mitchell J.
Count as what? It counts as exercise. It counts as being outdoors. It counts as less pollution. But I don't go to school. So to walk to a school would be weird.
Klothilde E.
Yes I used to walk my kids to school everyday and was a lot fitter and leaner then It's regular exercise so I would say it's a definate bonus You could do a more mindful walk at another time of day I went out for one yesterday early evening and it was so quiet apart from the birdsong and a stream bubbling over some stones The weather was iffy but the peace made up for it
Shaunicer W.
Of course! Walking is the easiest form of exercise and it's free!! I used to be a walker from 5th grade all the way until my junior year of high school. 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back. Walk when you can.