Which one exercise is best for me? I weigh 84 kg and my height is 5 feet 8 inches.

Flenn J.
I think you should love your self , just the way you are . You don't have to workout because you weigh 84, you musy workout for loving yourself . I think you should start with any easy workouts but every day
Agathe Y.
My weight is 45 kilos and my height is 5'2 cm. I eat a lot sometimes and I don't eat sometimes too. I have a bad habit of forcing myself. I want to learn more about my body because I have tried many diets already but I can't reach my main goal until now.
Giovanna Z.
Hot yoga has been amazing for me.

Ni impact on my knees
You sweat a lot so you detox
You burn a ton of calories
You leave feeling amazing!

Lea E.
What's your goal… Honestly I think if you have a certain goal in mind it will be easier to know which exercises suit you best and how to accurately go about them
Jacob O.
I found weights very effective. In 6 weeks I lost 3kg (I was 90 kg at that moment)

But not being able to go to the gym at the moment, I don't know.. currently I'm trying to stay active with the 7 minute workout.