How do you get yourself exercising when you are already exhausted or have no energy?

Arshmaan N.
When I think of doing anything, I accomplish it. Doesn't matter how hard it is or how tired am I. I'll do it, I'll achieve what I want
Laura N.
I always start with something slow and easy. If after I do that I still have no energy, I take a rest day, but 9 out of 10 times it's the energy boost I need to do exercise more. The key is to listen to your body and have fun with it. You don't want to push your body to the point of detriment.
Susan P.
It's a good question I changed my diet and it really helped. I ate more vegetables fruits and fish. I juice everyday with a mixture of 1 beet, 4 lg carrots and I apple 🍎 for lunch. For breakfast I take fresh 4 lg strawberries, 4 tablespoons of blueberries, 1/2 banana 🍌, 1 scoop of super green, 1 scoop of collagen, 2 scoops of plant based protein supplements, 1 tablespoon of local honey, 3/4 cup of ice,1/2 to 3/4 cup of 🍊 orange juice and 3 huge tablespoons of Greek vanilla flavor yogurt 😋 and blend. It changed my life. I have more energy then I ever had. Try it!
Ghada B.
I try to imagine the feeling the exercise will give me which is for sure better than not exercising. I know I will feel stronger and psychologically more relaxed and later more energetic!
Lohan W.
I do a couple things. One is to simplify my goal. Instead of twenty minutes of HIIT, I'll break it down to doing twenty situps and twenty jumping jacks. Or instead of walking ten thousand steps, one thousand steps. Usually by the time I finish the shortened goal, I want to keep going. I also use rewards: listen to a favorite podcast as I walk, have a second cup of coffee when I get home, have ten minutes on social media, that sort of thing.
Rasmus Z.
Don't eat anything before your workout. Start with a light stretch, and slowly work your way up to your actual routine. But don't be too hard on yourself; your body needs extra rest sometimes, there's nothing wrong with skipping a workout once.
Isaac T.
If are exhausted, you have to solve this problem first. And if it happens in the morning, maybe it's depressione, or related to work. If you can't change things to feel more relaxed and ready to start in the morning, just do some stretching. We are humans and we have limits, pushing too much can bring you to burnout or maybe to some injury. Analyze your typical day and why you feel the way you do first.
Pila R.
I try to picture myself in the moment after exercising, how i feel, even if I feel tired how this tiredness is good for me
Tricia Z.
I tell myself to do it for 10 seconds. Usually if I can get over that first ten seconds, I can do the whole thing. I also try to set myself up for success by not choosing the world's hardest workout when I'm exhausted. Even doing a ten minute yoga video, or riding my exercise bike slowly while watching an episode of tv, is still doing something.
Janet U.
If I haven’t been doing much physically but still feel tired, then I tell myself that exercising will help me feel better and I’ll be able to do more things that will energize me after a while. I know it might feel tough at first, but even little steps will help. I make it as easy as I can by having options in place to overcome any possible objections. Too cold or hot outside? Free exercise videos online. Too boring or lonely? Affordable classes with people I like and feel comfortable with, who are also trying to improve themselves. Too embarrassing or unpleasant? Think of other people real or fictional, who had to go through some tough training before they reached their goal. And how some people are able to treat mistakes with grace and laughter. If time is an issue, combine it with another activity I liked to do, or need to do. (If possible). Practice math while learning dance steps, walk to the grocery store, make cleaning or shoveling snow more fun (and count it towards your physical activity)…
Felicia O.
I just watch motivation videos and videos of people's journey in exercising. It gets me motivated all the time. You can also make sure to constantly watch helpful and motivational creators. Subsribe or follow people who constantly post videos about healthy lifestyles. Also, once you build a habit of exercising and seeing results, it just comes naturally to you and you won't have to worry about motivation. However when you are tired, remember that it is okay to take a break and that you will still reach your goal and become a greater person than you already are even if you skipped a day. So don't pressure yourself and don't rush things☺☺ Hope this helps. Keep striving you can do it!!
Madiha Z.
Just start with warm ups and you will feel the strength build up and energy, you will not feel exhausted anymore and just keep going till your stamina allows you. Renekber, dont push your linits, baby steps will help ..once you're on the road you get the strength to reach your destination. Just keep moving, just do it!!!
Mee W.
Just like when my mind is troubled it helps me to get physical, when my body is exhausted it helps me to get mental. I will use my imagination and dream a scenario where my life depends on my finishing the workout or something silly like that. Oddly enough, it works for me!
Matchaon N.
Do something gentle instead then! Try stretching or yoga, it can be more relaxing but still train your body! And remember to stay hydrated and eat your meals, your energy can more likely to be drained out when you are starving.
Eka T.
Rest first. Then breathe and drink water.
Too much exercise makes our body tired. Don't force yourself.
You need a rest.
Enough rest and stay hidrated. It will make your energy back and you're ready to exercise.
Macy J.
I simply think of how I will feel how I am done. There’s no other motivation that works for me!

I know once I am finished, i’ll feel better, be more energized, feel accomplished & be proud!

Sanjana U.
Whenever I feel exhausted when I have to exercise, I think of my goals and dreams and imagine myself in my ideal self and then start listening to songs to lift up my mood 😉.
It is alright to take breaks but you have to be consistent 💖✨
M Lissa Z.
I get up and tell myself “just for 5 minutes.” 5 minutes in I say “5 more” and I end up working out for 30 minutes or more.
Cat B.
I think the first thing to do is try to fix why you're exhausted in the first place. Are you not sleeping enough? Is your diet lacking in nutrients? Do you work too many hours? Try to fix these things first, and then you'll have more energy and motivation to exercise. Sometimes I feel tired, so on those days I don't exercise. But that only happens once or twice every couple of weeks. If you feel exhausted every day, you need to find ways to remedy that first before you add anything else!
Gabriel O.
I try and find motivation to do something with like fitness creators and inspiring people and always take days off when you feel you need to because that can keep you motivated
Anna Z.
Try to remember the feeling that you have gotten in the past when you finish exercising last. You feel proud of yourself, your head is clear, and you accomplished something. The absolute hardest part is getting started. Once you make that first choice to take the action, the only thing left to do is complete it. Your mind is great at tricking you in to complacency, but you can't give in to it. You can take control of the choices you make.
Lidiane Y.
Tell myself the more put it off the harder it is going to be to get to the goal I want to reach. All if I get it done I am done.
Valqu Ria Q.
I exercise first thing every morning. I drink my water then get in my exercise bike and drink more water while doing it. If I'm tired, I just peddle slowly. For me the answer was making it part of my waking up process. Better then trying to find the energy later in the day.
Joss Y.
I remind myself how much better I will feel after getting my heart rate up for a while and get the blood pumping. 95% of the time I feel so much better even if it's just 10 minutes of exercise, but it has to be fast…. Not a mere stroll. Try HIIT or a fast pedal on an indoor bike or a couple of quick sprints/jogs up and down your street.
Cj2010 Cf N.
Two things to keep in mind
1- starting is the hardest part of exercising, and it’s what keeps us from working out most of the time

2- do what you have to even if it you’ll do it badly like maybe walking slowly for 4 minutes instead of sitting down doing nothing , or brushing your teeth once a day instead of not brushing at all.
Doing 20% of your goals is better than 0%

Mar A Y.
I start with little movements and begin moving faster as the music goes. My body has to get that start-up to have a good day
Turgo P.
Honestly, so far, I haven't found it hard to exercise in the morning because the exercises I do only last 8 minutes. Going small in thr beginning is definitely a good choice because you won't be overwhelmed by the duration of the exercise before you start. If you zre overwhelmed, you'll start looking for excuses not to exercise, if it's just 8 minutes, you'll keep telling yourself it's just 8 minutes, it's no big deal. Besides, the exercises I do aren't exactly easy either, but I won't stop the whole thing if I can't do one exercise or the other, I'll take a quick break and keep going. It won't feel bad if I can't do it from the first try, because I can just try again the next day. And the sense of achievement you get when you start doing something you couldn't do yesterday also boosts your chances of not skipping the exercise.
Ethna N.
Exercise creates energy. I'm not a natural exerciser. My husband is and he is my Mr Motivator. I'm into stress relief I'm not attempting anything that causes stress so a 5k walk which is completed in under 50 minutes is pleasant enough. I attempt a yoga class on zoom twice a week and don't beat myself up if I don't make it. Housework is exercise, shower screen door cleaning is a great workout!
Cj2010 Cf N.
Just by starting. Starting is always the hardest step. After that i begin slowly and then pick my pace up, everyone feels sluggish and unenergetic at the beginning of an exercise after doing a couple of reps or walking a couple of steps i get motivated to do more.