I want to stay in bed all morning. How do you get up refreshed?

Lily V.
Drinking waters as soon as you wake up gives you energy, don't think about hard things just do it, just jump out of bed without thinking. I know it's hard but it's only you who can push you to a better life 💕
Gabriel P.
Start with making sure that you go to sleep at a decent hour. Then try to improve your sleep quality (try the journey on this app). Then try to get up a little bit earlier than normal. Once getting up at that time is easier, start getting up a little bit earlier than the new time. Keep doing this until you've reached your desired time for waking up. And remember, don't push yourself too hard; every little change is a huge win. If you wake up to your alarm only to shut it off and go back to sleep, try putting it somewhere you'll have to get up to shut it off. I hope this was helpful! 🙂
Francis G.
Put in mind that the day will go great and I don’t have to stay in bed and miss all the fun and the exciting things in the day
Mary Jane B.
Well I get up because I have to attend 9am class. But I get up earlier due to needing time to prepare myself mentally and hopefully read some of you guys’ dilemmas and their solutions☺️
Dark Z.
Sleep early the previous day.
Don't use your mobile on the bed.
Don't go to sleep with an empty stomach.
Drink more water.
Try meditating.
Glenda B.
I used to have really back insomnia and it was hard wanting to get up I don’t have a good awnser I’ll just tell u what I do each morning I wake up I check my phone streach go to the toilet wash my face and have breakfast