My routine early in the morning consists of drinking water then eating a great breakfast after at the end exercising by doing push-ups. What other kinds of exercises should I try?

El Sio S.
Commit to a pair of dumbbells. Ten killos each will give great progress. You can target legs, chest, shoulders, biceps, back and triceps with them. Just look up exercises with them online and find ones that best fit your routine.
Yassmim G.
Put on an upbeat song and dance around while you make your bed or breakfast, try 5mins or yoga or a walk around your block
Suzanna Q.
I have chosen a simple YouTube video. If you choose different ones and maybe with different styles and length, then you can save them in a playlist and you will always have something ready.
Alvin Y.
You can try using the 7 minutes exercise, given in the fabulous only, (it's in the make me fabulous section) or you can try doing a little yoga too, its good for the body and will also calm your mind. Hope, the answer is helpful. 🙂
Erin Z.
Hi! Some of the exercises that I’ve trie do are wall sits, push ups, planks, tricep push-ups, and jogging! Hope this helps!
Luna O.
Depending on your goals, you could try hundreds of workouts. I have an app called Workout For Women and there are other physical activity apps that you could try, but this app customizes seven minute daily workouts based on your goals and weight. I have another app called Zombies, Run where you can customize the time or distance of a jog or run and it will tell you a story during the work out that you are actually a part of. It's really interesting! At least, it got me into running. Due to Covid they have actually started at-home workout episodes so that you don't have to run or jog every day.
Janarthanan N.
I think you can try some dance but if you need to excersice then just do some simple squats it will make you sweat very quickly and it will be a good exersice for our legs too
Maddy E.
You should try some workouts on YouTube, I use MadFit workouts. I have seen results in 1 week. Make sure to do some cardio in your day.