What’s your best strategy for getting to the gym?

Iida Z.
I don't go to the gym per say but the gym I go to has a swimming area and in the changing room there is a sauna so when I want to go to the sauna I also have to go swim for at least 30min. So I say you need something near the gym that brings you Joy and a want to go there. When you go to the place that brings you Joy you have to say if I go I also need to do this much time in the gym.
Lina P.
Somehow make it something to look forward to. I use ClassPass subscription that gives me access to a bunch of smaller studios. I go to new ones each time because the novelty makes it fun.
Christoffer C.
I'm in university so we have a gym on campus, so I keep my gym bag on my car so if I ever get the chance for free time I have it right there with no excuse!
Johanne A.
With Coronavirus I don’t go to the gym I just run in my neighborhood. I remind myself of my purpose. For me my purpose is my son. I want to show him by example to live a healthy life.
Nora U.
Currently going to the gym is a little difficult. When i do exercise they’re small exercises and not really any long workouts but I have been very cooped up lately and moving my body and being active always makes my feel better and my body seems more awake and alive. So i guess i just need to remember that when thinking of going to the gym or just working out. I can’t think of it as a chore a bore or something that has a negative connotation to it because it doesn’t. I guess this is also about me being there for me cuz no one else is going to make me go to the gym or exercise. I need to want to.
Claire I.
Don’t go to the gym. Go for a run, a swim or a yoga glass, whichever your body and time allows you. Get your kit ready the night before and set an alarm. It makes you feel great for the rest of the day!
Nicole R.
Make yourself! Trust you will be happier when it’s over. Honestly I’m just do it and the (Especially mental) results will be contagious.