What is the first beneficial change you noticed from exercising?

Bryan J.
I can say the first beneficial change I noticed is the activeness and enthusiasm that you can get from doing and finishing daily exercises
Emiliano E.
The first change is feeling empowered. I felt mentally stronger for showing up and pushing myself harder and harder through what I used to think was too hard.
The feeling of fitness makes you feel so alive. When you breathe bigger, sleep better, lift heavier, stretch deeper, hold longer and move faster.
Last but not least, watching my body get slimmer and toned is delightful and knowing I did it through hard work and determination all builds self confidence that flows into every area of my life.
Micheal E.
I have noticed I have a lot more energy through out my day. My body doesnt feel old like it use to lol I can tell my body is more alive! I also feel better about my looks. I am slowly seeing a difference and it makes me very happy! I also can see a change in my mood and my mental healthy. I'm not all the way better but I am starting to. Gotta keep going!!
Friedhelm X.
Greater flexibility! I’ve started with simple stretching exercises to help me regain some flexibility in my legs. I’m already having less leg cramps and sleeping better. Slow and steady!