Do I have to eat breakfast every morning? I am not hungry often in the morning.

Jaimie J.
Yes you should eat breakfast every morning to get yourself ready for the day and to have more energy. I find that eating a good breakfast even when I’m not really in the mood gets me on track to have a better day. You should at least try and maybe have something small too if you’re not in the mood for a full on meal.
Andrea O.
I know it’s hard to get used too, but trust me it’ll serve you better in the long run. Even a really tiny breakfast, and I mean like super tiny, counts. I used to eat like a spoonful of peanut butter and that was it, but now I’m up to granola bars
Ka S Y.
That's a great question! Really often I don't because I don't have.much time from the time I wake up to the time I have school but I think something that would help is waking up earlier so that your awake for longer and you might be more hungry. What also might help is to not snack at night so that your hunger in the morning. Love you! Remember your beautiful and to eat today! <3
Allan U.
I am not too hungry in the morning as well, but something small goes a long way. I will usually have a protein coffee or even just a small banana or apple. Anything that can give you that fuel for the rest of the day. Usually when people skip breakfast, they eat more snacks than actual food that will help fuel you. Try to just have something small but you don't need a huge breakfast, you wanna listen to your body
Beverley A.
I would recommend eating breakfast every morning, and if ure not hungry then go for a run in the mornings or workout at home or at the gym. Basically anything that makes you burn calories, this will definitely make you hungry and will also leave you feeling happy due to the endorphin release in your body
Matthew Z.
I am not often hungry in the morning but I find when I eat I feel more motivated and have more energy so I would consider eating breakfast.
Jaimie J.
Plan out prior to the morning something that will be exciting for you to eat and avoid eating/snacking late at night so that you wake up hungry.
Violetta Y.
Well it is the best for you to eat a breakfast, I don't want to scare you but you could die one day because of not having breakfast. I'm not hungry in the morning too but I usually have a carton of yogurt or a toast. Better have your dinner at around 6-7 pm and eat nothing after that, you will be hungry in the morning I'm sure honey! Good luck, I believe in you!♡