I have a gym membership that’s paid for in full for two more years, but I’m having a hard time showing up to do my workouts when I’m by myself. How do I get past the anxiety of being at a gym on my own?

Madison O.
I have the same sort of problem. It always feels strange and awkward going by yourself, right? But I’ve found that doing these two things really seems to help: having music with you, like a playlist you come back to whenever you go out alone, and reminding yourself that you are worth it. You are worth going to the gym for, you are worth that movie, you are worth having a nice dinner out. You are worth all of it, and you don’t need anyone else to prove that. Keep thinking that, over and over. “I’m worth this.” I wish you the best of luck!
Isle Z.
I would bring friends or family to the gym with me so help with that anxiety of exercising alone. Bring someone you trust and care about so it can be more of an enjoyable exercise instead of a boring one. Share earbuds and listen to music you both love! Do an exercise together! Enjoy your time with your friend or family member!
Jayla F.
I also struggle with this problem a lot, especially since a lot of my friends are fit themselves and have gym memberships. I thought that if I bought a gym membership, I would be able to hold myself accountable to go since money is on the line. Instead, when i realized that I had to go exercise in public, my motivation disappeared despite putting money into the challenge. The best way to not let that money go to waste is to start small, like going out on a run. Try starting as early as you physically can to reduce the amount of human contact. The point of this is to become comfortable in public and building a routine. Once you get the hang of it, start jogging a little later in the day. Maybe do workouts at home as well to prepare you for the workouts at the gym.

The gym isn’t an automatic certification in being fit. It’s like a second home where like minded people who enjoy exercising like you come together to become fit together! Everyone there in the gym is on their own personal journey of fitness like you and want to become better for themselves. Once you get the hang of it, push yourself a bit further to then make the most of that gym membership! Review your goal and vision, make a SMART goal to follow! Good luck!! 🙂

Christoffer B.
Having company is a good motivator, an accountability buddy 🫶🏽 however, remember the reason behind wanting a enhanced lifestyle – body and mind wellness. Show up even if it’s for 10 mins. That 10 mins will grow to 20 mins of exercise. Remember how this 10 mins of workout makes you feel. That feeling is your reward. You are worth it! 🫶🏽😘