I have to get up very early every day for my job. What do you do to exercise in the morning when waking up earlier simply isn’t an option?

Ferrer P.
Hi! I sometimes stretch myself for only 2 minutes, maybe it's an option. You can also slightly dance during ironing your clothes or washing your teeth.
Jessie O.
I just do 5 minutes of yoga or stretches if I have no time or is just too tired. It helps me at least wake up and get ready for the day.
Angeline S.
A quick 5 minute stretch can also be beneficial, and working out in the evening/afternoon/night is also a option. Or using your time more effectively, like if you have an hour to get ready, use atleast 20 minutes doing a workout and 40 minutes getting ready! Remember you can do it!!
Romano A.
When I wake up in the morning I focus on the things I need to do at that moment and not processing the whole day. I take up to ten minutes to do some exercises that can help me to begin the Day fresh and positive. For example plank with push ups, sit ups and some other exercises which you can do in a minute.