It keeps happening that something happens in life that stops me from doing ONE day of things and my brains goes on “oh well” mode… I went back to gym after 3 days of not after spraining my ankle :(. What do you suggest?

Olivia E.
Take care of yourself and don't use set backs as excuses. You can modify your workouts or target other areas that are not affected.
Frederik G.
Donโ€™t worry about yesterday. Each day is a new day where we get to start over and try again/give it our best. Focus on the small wins!
James U.
When I miss parts of my routine I often look at why, what stopped me , and what can I do next time to make sure I do it. E.g one day I skipped breakfast because I had run out of ingredients, the next day I not only bought the ingredients but I also got several alternatives to add variety and fall back onto when I do run out. I also have several times during the day set aside for exercise if I miss my early morning yoga. Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚
Sami E.
Since u sprained your ankle then its fine. U did the right thing. Dont beat urself up about it. Start again and know your limits this time.
Dina Y.
Don't be so hard on yourself, it's okay to take days off esspecially due to an injury. Maybe the ankle sprain was a sign that you were pushing it too hard or maybe it was a test to see if you could stay dedicated to your personal routine. Either way I would say keep up the good habits that you built by still making it out to the gym and focus on other body parts and take it easy. A light / medium work out is still better than no work out at all.
Earl Q.
You have to "let go" of your urge to be perfect. Letting go of things/events that are outside of our control is the first step. Be kind to yourself. It is completely okay to be behind or to commit an error or to have down moments. If life throws us under the bus or disrupts our routine or plans, it is not the end of our world. Learn to dance with the music, even though it rains, dance anyway. The sun will show up again, and we can get back on track to our road way to success! There's always another chance and our best self will be on the other side of the tunnel. You got this! I believe in you! You should believe in you too! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Michel A.
I'd suggest to do a minimum of workout adapted to your current situation everyday no matter what. For example, I try to get a moderately intense workout in my schedule everyday, but if I really don't have time, I do at least a minute of workout just to say that I'm upholding my habit despite the circumstances.
Nicole O.
Trust your body. It knows best. You need rest sometimes, don't forget that. Don't let "oh well days" stop you. You got this. You deserve rest days. You deserve cheat days. You're human. Just get back to it when your body says it's ready.
Sophia O.
Stretching … take it slow … do you need to go to the gym? … Can you switch it up at home? … Stretching / YOGA if im feeling really lazy or busy, can be as little as 5 mins and keeps me on track and motivated not to break the chain … i feel a lot more positive and energised the day after, an "off day."

(I'm struggling to keep up with Challenges and Sleep Routine … but ive got Morning Routine and Exercise locked down).

Good luck … and enjoy ๐Ÿ˜

Priscila E.
My feeling is that you may be being too harsh on yourself. The fact is you went back to the gym after only three days and maybe your body needed the break to recover and/or rest. Maybe the 'oh well' comes from self-criticism which makes you want to give up alongside beating yourself up. If you approach those moments with self-compassion and self-care you may be more inclined to get back to an exercise routine sooner that makes you feel good and not like a punishment . I hope that makes sense ?
Chrispine O.
Accidents happen. The most important thing is to focus on the things that we have control over. Count your blessings. Gratitude can be empowering because fear and anger disappear. I try to recover as quickly as possible after backsliding, instead of beating myself up.
Gail Ann Z.
Maybe you are trying to do too much in one day. Ease urself into it. I've read that when you go into "oh well" mode, you are telling the universe that you don't want to excel or move from where you are.
It's OK to have set backs, we are only human but if u miss one thing on ur to-do-list, that's OK but try ur best to complete at least 1 thing! Small wins and we build from there! You got this!