Do you exercise according to your body ?

Cathrin J.
I feel like my body wants to be lazy with workouts because it’s easier, so I always push myself a little further. If I’m thinking that I can only do 10 push-ups I’ll try 15 and stuff like that.

Ethel E.
I think so? Or at least
I’m trying to. I’m learning proper
form in cross fit classes as well as doing some basic exercises on my own. I could definitely be doing more however.

Hans C.
Yes! My mind is telling me to go harder and faster but my body hurts. I've learned that it's okay to listen to the body. Not to quit but paying attention so I don't injure myself. I do push myself a little bit more each day.

Th Odore T.
No I do not. I try to force my mind to like things it dose not like. I try to force ny body to do things other people says it should do or that ought to be good for it. It creats a feeling of unwant. I drag my feets to the training. Finding excuses not to go.

Jofre Z.
Yes I do though I think there should be a balance when you exercise. I tend to give up when my body aches too much but what I’m starting to do is to rest and not push myself too hard in order to finish the workout I planned for myself. I like to exercise my whole body when I can so if I’m really sore I give myself a day long break or 2 days.

Djalme O.
Yes, I do but sometimes I try to improove my self e mi sforzo fino a che non sento male, ovviamente ogni giorno mi spingo sempre più lontano al fine di migliorarmi!

Arnold F.
I exercise according to how I feel. For instance if I'm not feeling up to working out, I'll go for a walk with the stroller and do some lunges. If I am feeling up to it, I will do some cario and an ab workout!

Gretl S.
I do a morning routine quick exercise then I try to exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week. Combining running with weight lifting

Wendy X.
Yes, iT is really important to listen to your body through out the day, and also while exercising. This means that one day you can do more than the other day.

Warren Z.
I exercise on routine regularly, but if I feel like I’m in a slump I’ll usually do a dozen jumping jacks, sit ups, etc…

Sandra Y.
I exercise accordingly to a what may suite me as a discipline but also accordingly to the discipline principles to a custom my body to a different set of rules/habits than the usual one I have acquired in years of wrong postures and negative thoughts

Robin O.
Sometimes body needs take the lead, sometimes mind needs, sometimes spirit needs. Exercise works for any / all of these for me.

Henri Y.
I have not found yet the best exercise that best fits me. I would like to find an exercise I find enjoyable, rather than something that does not make me have fun.

Mitchell E.
A run is always great. I start my morning off with a run and few tennis matches to get moving. Just remember to stretch first

Estelle F.
Yes. As i age, i adjust my speed when I’m running and my training regimens. I actually run more but much slower, alternating walk and run.

Lisa S.
No I do not because I really want to lose weight before school starts I ate least want to lose a pound to get some self confidence

Cecilie Z.
Yes I try to do things that are good for my body, like walking and yoga. But I'm also mindful to push beyond what I think my body can do and extend beyond my own expectation.

Brunhilde E.
I listen to how my body responds to different kinds of exercise. If I am very sore, I rest. If I feel lethargic, I push myself to keep going!

Boavida S.
I think I do. I try to do the best I can according to my fitness level, and the workout I’m doing that day. Especially with running, I always set goals about pace, time, or distance, which helps me focus on the workout.

Megan Q.
No, because has i am getting older and wise now i am still in processing of learning more about my body, and that when i stress out i lose weight fast

Maja G.
Yes. More specifically, I am so likely to get injured by certain exercises, I prefer performing postural exercises that improve my overall feeling.

Joanne T.
I like to dance, sometimes like hiphop, sometimes slow like ballet. Music keeps me going. Also swimming and tennis are my kind of sports. There has to be a competition, or there has to be music 🙂

Judith E.
I'm not exactly sure what that means. I tend to walk/hike as I'm overweight. When I've lost another 35 pounds I intend to start running.

Alvin E.
Yes and no. I listen to my body when something feels tight or injured, but I do work through general soreness and fatigue.

Gretel Y.
I try to I guess! Exercise is hard for me because I’m overweight and have pretty low self esteem around that – sometimes it helps to start with non threatening exercise and once I’m comfortable I start pushing myself to get in shape, couchto5k or whatever

Ina X.
Absolutely. I can’t run 5k right now, not to mention that I hate running. I do, however, love walking, swimming, and dancing. Trying to exercise in a way that I hate is going to make it less likely that I exercise at all.

Bedete N.
I used to be very skinny as I was practicing ballet, however once I stopped, I started putting on weight more and more. I am quite flexible, therefore I can do exercises well even though I am fat. I Beleive I should add more and more exercises per day not to shock my body, but sometimes I use this as a reason to do less than I think I should

Lucas G.
I do. My main cardio is indoor cycling. I try to push myself to the uncomfortable zone every day. I listen to my body somedays I’m able to go harder and faster while other days I might need to take it a down little.

Josefine N.
Yes; sure. I use freeletics to sport 2/3 times a week. I algo go bouldering once a week. Depending on how i am feeling i might combine both or put some more or less days of rest. Somethime i will add some additional session on the week if i am feeling strong.

L Andro Z.
I suppose? Like I won't exercise more than my body can handle. I know people always tell you to push your limits and all that but if you make a smaller ecercise everyday that will still make a difference.