What kind of exercises do you find interesting?

Fernanda Q.
I personally like dancing, especially to silly Just Dance songs, because they’re hilarious and I enjoy some stupid entertainment while doing silly moves to stupid songs. Though, by saying this, you don’t need to buy Just Dance, there are many Just Dance videos on YouTube. When I’m home alone, I also like just free dancing (badly) whilst belting out (badly) my favourite hits. I’m not sure if this completely answers your question, but exercise comes in many forms and I’m not entirely sure whether I understood the question properly.
Olivia G.
I enjoy running and do it 3x per week for a distance of 3.5 miles.

I also go to yoga class 1-2 times per week. Beginner classes to stay flexible and work on balance

Jonathan X.
I love using dance to exercise. Zumba is great, but as I get older and realize the importance of losing muscle mass, I have found a lot of fun in weight training classes as well.
Clara W.
The exercise that I think is most interesting is weight lifting, specifically exercises that actually strengthen my lower back my glutes and my hamstrings. My favorite exercise is the deadlift. I get almost immediate back pain relief after doing a deadlift session