How do you wake up enough to do your seven minutes of light exercise right after breakfast? I usually feel like a little nap right then.

Esha Q.
It's better to do exercise before breakfast and for the 1 week don't set like you'll do 7 minutes exercise just do exercise without time like 5 min and i will gradually increase to 30 min….just don't . To make it habit just do exercise and without time until you feel it is your morning habit….and if you'll try to do the like 5 min daily exercise thing…you'll eventually feel discouraged when you'll not complete these 5 min..and in day to day life we just don't even take that 5 min sometime….so without any restrictions if you are busy one day…and you do little stretching just take it as you complete your exercise…that's all I have to say ….thanks….3 things to do right after wakeup…1. Drink water..2. Do some stretching…3.Eat breakfast
Silhouette N.
I have an undying habit of treating life like a movie, haha. So that motivates me to make every moment worth my while, and get up, because if I fall back asleep then, i’ll have to wake up eventually. Might as well start immediately!