Which kind of exercise you think is the most effective in the morning?

Fatuma F.
Running definitely run on a treadmill. It gives a good burst of energy and especially if you stretch your muscles before and after. I just love running. I would do it for thirty minutes a day if I didn’t live in what I like to call the North Pole. It’s cold out here, so I do body weight exercises instead. It’s cuts them middle man or excuses. All I need is to set my phone on a stand and follow a tutorial. It’s much easier to do because I hate thinking in the morning.
Anam X.
I think u should start with a little warm up and then look forward to the intense excercise by doing warm up you are reminding your mind that u are ready for it and runnig is the nice exercise to start with 🤗
Navier N.
the most effective morning exercise, i believe, is something that’ll WAKE YOU UP! a lot of people drink coffee in the mornings, but i think that their coffee will be 60% more effective if they do a light, quiet exercise! i’m not a coffee drinker, i prefer matcha 100% over coffee. matcha has actually helped me because, for whatever reason, i’m immune to caffeine. matcha has caffeine, but it must be something about the fact that it’s a tea leaf powdered up. but either way, i choose matcha for coffe any day!