What quick exercise could I do before school?

Sandra Z.
you can walk your way to school instead of taking the bus (only if you know the way so that you won't get lost) and also you can go down the stairs instead of using the elevator

Silje C.
I’d recommend Radio Calisthenics (Rajio Taiso). You can find it in YouTube. It’s a great Japanese exercise that is done in the morning to gently wake up your body. It’s short (around 3 minutes) but you can do it twice if you like, and you do it standing up. You can even do it while still in your pyjamas as it is not strenuous, but it gets your body moving. I’ve been doing this in the morning and it has been a great little exercise!

Jade Y.
Stretch girst then do the Planking,it involves the core,arm and thighs,maybe more. Do it for 30 seconds and raise it to 5 seconds if you think can handle more till you can make it to a minute. Its not long so it's worth it bacause you can do it without needing you to stand up at all!

Genoveva Q.
You could do some simple exercises like squats or pushups. Personally in the morning I prefer stretching so if you are like me you could find quick stretching routine videos on YouTube. My personal favorite channel with stretching videos is Anna Mcnulty but you can find the one that fits you the best. Also you could always walk to school

Leonardo R.
Try Chloe Tings 10 minutes abs if u have that much time and space. If u don't it's okay you can run up and down the stairs for some time

Tom S.
You could start off with jumping jacks! The number is up to you but I suggest doing 20 or more if you'd like! 🙂 Or you could do some mountain climbers! If you don't know what mountain climbers is, you can search it up on YouTube!

Ma Lle W.
You could run maybe around your neighborhood so you get energy for the day. I also recommended the app 7M Workout because you can do pretty challenging workouts in just seven minutes.

Angela Q.
Check out an app called FitOn. It has free workout programs!! I adore it, and ive been a competitive boxer and weightlifter for 10 years.

Islem F.
u can do YouTube 10 or 5 mn exercises and u choose the place u want to target or just a quick full body workout also I highly recommend dance workouts before school they are effective when It comes to moving ur body also it boosts ur energy. if not ur can do 10 mn yoga or just some jumping using the cord u choose