How do you get yourself out of bed to start exercising once your alarm goes off?

Mina W.
I love music, so I usually get up on impulse at the sight of my headphones. After that, I drink some water, pop my headphones on, and do something simple but enjoyable like a 15-minute walk around the room or outside.

Viktoria I.
The first thing I do after I snooze my alarm is drink water.(I put a water bottle next to my bed).After I have woken up a little I put on my mad(that I put next to my bed the night before).

Ong K.
I don't usually do that, I always let my body relax in the morning and do some stretches instead as morning the muscles are mostly stiff ,so by releasing the tension is better. I only exercise on the afternoon 5-7pm like that. But it depends on your time. If you're busy in the evening,then morning suit you more.