What do you do to motivate yourself to do some exercise?

Soham Y.
I pray to start my day, I’ll eat breakfast then after all my chores are done I’ll go for a walk around my neighborhood. It helps to see the momentum of the day as long as I don’t listen to the news or get on any social media I keep positive and read self positive books. That keeps me grounded towards my goals. 10 pushups for the rest of your life changes your mindset into realizing you become what you think about. If you stress about 10 pushups you’ll stress about anything mental. If you just do them the momentum is there and you’re focus keeps going.
L Rke Z.
I don't exercise much but when I need motivation, I just think that I know that I'll enjoy it to some extent, and that it's only for a limited amount of time so it's doable
Ravikanya C.
I used to be overweight ( very unhealthy, and unusually have chest pain, muscle pains, and make bad, irrational decision). I realized I couldn’t run, because my ankle hurts or I cannot eat veggies because I would rather eat something else. It’s all just an excuse. So I started exercise one day, and of course everything in my body hurts, because it was the first time. But I realized that after it all my body is more toned, I don’t have to limit myself, and I just felt good overall. So that’s why I’m motivated to exercise everyday, and be on top of my work, sleep, and focus.
Sol Ne Z.
I drink water first then I tried to think about my motivation on why I should do exercise and that motivation is to get my body more strong
Lorenz A.
Daily exercise was not my cup of tea untill I came across this app. It makes you form a habit. Even while using app it was challenging but later I instilled discipline. I just start and adhere to exercise for 5 mins. This 5 mins helps me to complete my goal of daily exercise.
It's first 5 mins daily that motivates me and helps to reach my goal.
Susan Z.
Just commit to doing it every day. If I miss a day I just start again the next day and don’t beat myself up. Usually it’s just been a busy day and I wasn’t able to do it.
Renee O.
At tgg Hf s moment I recognise that my kids need exercise to reset when therms are starting to get irritable from being cooped up, so that is a good motivator to get myself moving as well.
Line Q.
I always exercise best when I have a goal. For example, I’m more likely to go for a run when I have entered a race or I get up early to do parkrun to see people and to maintain good fitness for netball.
Carolina O.
I always try to remember how good and refreshed I feel after the exercise. Most people exercise in the morning so they can get an extra energy to go along with their day but I prefer doing it in the evening because exercising is a way of putting out energy I retained through the day such as stress or worry etc. Exercising for me is a way of releasing energy and feelings but it doesnt mean it works the same for you. Try to see how you feel after the workout and schedule it in a pleasing time of your day! 🙂
Josh C.
I use the wakeout app. These are small exercises I can do at home and it sorta if fakes the system. It takes less than 5 mins and I can always do more if I want.
Ili Q.
I watch other people online doing workouts so I can follow along or I ask my sister or my mom to exercise with me so I can have someone else there with me doing it.
Sandra N.
I was walking from home to Walmart for 1 hour and ten minutes then I was walking from Walmart to home for 1 hour and ten minutes. Stay active! I’m ready to go back to gym.
Bekah N.
I plan ahead by having exercise clothes with me and knowing which class I’m taking. The night before I’ll make my plan for the next day.
Rebecca U.
I used to exercise a lot but in recent years have become a couch potato. I’ve recently started doing exercise again but suggest to start slowly and build up if you want to. If you dread the idea of doing exercise, you’re less likely to do it at all so find exercises you enjoy.

To motivate myself, I remind myself of why I need to exercise: to help stabilize my mental health, the be able to cope with physical demands to improve my quality of life and to look more healthy (not thinner, they are not the same)