How do you avoid people that cause you distraction?

Inez V.
If they keep spamming you in chat, just block them or you can mute their notification. If they meet you directly, you can avoiding them by not to give them attention or responds.
Elizabeth S.
The first step is to name the person or the person’s behavior as a distraction from my staying on a path aligned with my values. Sometimes, I have to pause and recommit to what matters most to me, remind myself that may values are real. Values are my north store. I know that I can trust them to lead me to higher ground. I also trust them to nurture my relationships by not fueling unnecessary, and often hurtful, fires.
Julia P.
I don’t answer the phone when they call. I wait until my task are done on my priority list. Then I will call them back.

I tell them I’m going somewhere in a few minute.

Patrick Z.
If you are trying to focus, you should make it clear with boundaries that you don't want to be disturbed. Share with the person what it is you want to accomplish and why. Put space between you and the person by going into another room or respectfully turning your back to them and putting in headphones.
May F.
Hmm i just started to stop responding and engaging them kinda just let it fade but if that doesnt work you can actively choose to not be around them. My method kinda causes alot of pain but its risky
Zali P.
Embrace the distraction by scheduling a time that being distracted is okay and enjoyable whether that be a study break, or dinner plans, or even organising a weekend away. With this in mind you will be able to satisfy your own need to BE distracted by aiming towards something and satisfy their need to include you during a time where distractions are harmful to your productivity.
Josephine Q.
I typically address the person and let them know I am creating a bubble of focus for myself and that I would highly appreciate their help with that. For my daughter, I tell her it’s a quiet time to be keeping to ourselves, and that she may read or listen to something in her headphones. We can exist in the same space, but have our own focuses.
Zacharia P.
I keep my distance and avoid taking much of my time arguing. I just try by all means not to listen to everything they say bad.
Kristen P.
I don’t think you can avoid people that cause you distraction. Maybe change your mindset and accept that you’re the one allowing yourself to be distracted by this person. Even if it’s your kid or a pet that needs you. Set aside some time for it and set a timer and say after it’s up I have to stop what I’m doing and go do what I need to do. Or set aside your time to do what you need before you engage with whoever distracts you. If they’re old enough put some boundaries up and explain your time is precious and you need your time to finish your work then you can attend to them
Andy Z.
I don't, always. Sometimes distraction provides a wonderful opportunity to test my capacity for tolerance and my ability to remain calm in all types of situations. When the distraction has passed, I can then return to whatever I was doing prior to the interruption. The situation is handled similarly to being in meditation and having a stray thought creep in. The thought is acknowledged, then focus is returned to the meditation.
Louise N.
Turn off their method of contact with me. There are one or two people that are allowed to distract me : family members. Everyone else can wait till I'm ready to engage
Kikoenaii F.
I think maybe you could put some earbuds or headphones on and put some ambience or music in. It would keep the noise distraction away and maybe also put you into a pleasant mood. If they bother you, let them know that you're working and maybe also put up a little sign that says do not disturb.
S Tiro A.
At the moment, I would just put my phone on do not disturb and then get in touch with them once all my work is done. In real life, this is obviously harder to do!
Bernhard F.
In the physical world, telling people you won't be available and giving some timeframe if they need to reach out to you.
In the digital world, turning off notifications, keeping your phone away, disconnecting you from your mailbox… can be some ideas to keep you on task… and allowing some special time slots to keep up
Emma Y.
Honestly, I find it hard to ignore anyone, I mean I might forget to reply to people, but that isn’t on purpose. But even if I put my phone on aeroplane mode, I still think about them, causing me more distractions. I think because we live in a world where people can just be at the other end of the phone straight away it’s harder to avoid people. So maybe next time I need to get on with something, or take a break from people, putting my phone a little further out of reach may help reduce the distraction.
Krist Na N.
I just DO. I know it sounds too easy/simple to be true but once you cut those people out of your life they (Or people like them) won’t come back! Now the question is HOW to cut them out!? I dont have a ~fancy~ answer for this whatsoever. For me, especially during the pandemic when I cant really hang out with those people anyway, our “friendships” just slowly drifted apart. Not in a sad way! I’m still in daily contact with people I love!
I think step number 1 would be to even RECOGNIZE those people and that you dont want to be around that energy. Then it will work itself out hopefully!
Hanis Z.
Set up a place at home or go somewhere where you will not be disturbed. Put on earphones, even if you're not listening to any music. Tell them nicely that you would like to focus on your work for now, and that you will attend to them after you're done.
Vitalina C.
My priority is to ignore them. But on the other hand if i need to give them attention because its my job to do that, to be honest i am trying to minimize my communication with them and at the same time, make them understand that i dont want to speak to them 💯
Cassie T.
Have to admit, it can be difficult. And sometimes I have been rude to people.
By valuing my own person though, I have learned to gently explains to others that I need to have the space to do these things for myself.
If they genuinely care about me they will want me to support myself mentally emotionally and physically and in any other way that I can.
Rarely do we find such friends but we never do forget those In our lives who have such respect.
Katie U.
I’m very careful with my social media use and I try not to spend too long looking at other people’s posts and getting distracted by them and my own head comparing myself to them.

I also make sure to check in with myself and ask myself how I’m doing every day. If someone contacts me and asks for my time and I’m not in a good enough place to be able to deal with them, I politely decline and say “thank you, I’m afraid I can’t today but another day that’d be great”. I find that works really well for me.

Kylie N.
The best way is to not avoid them. Engage with them initially but then be polite and advise them that you are busy at the moment or waiting for a call. We want to devote the right amount of time to all of our important activities so we need to be realistic about what we can achieve. Don’t feel bad about protecting your limited time but be sure to do it with love and honesty.
Adrien T.
By not associating or interacting with them. I keep to myself and not worry about these individuals who can and will distract me from my goals.
Filipe O.
When I am working I lock my door and don't answer my phone for the duration of the time I am working. I may take a minute in between my work to check if any emergencies are happening and when I do answer the distracting person I let them know I don't communicate when working. This lets them know that there are boundaries they should be aware of.
Megan Y.
What I have told my husband is, I am doing this to feel better. Basically I told him if he gets in my way he doesn't want what's best for me. He has gotten a tad argumentative at times but thankfully I choose to exercise once I get to work since I work alone. My situation is unique but everything is doable. You just have to approach it from different angles
Michael E.
I dont usually. I'm a sucker for distraction. King of procrastination. That said, most if my distractions come from my phone. So putting it on silent or putting it in another room or both tends to be a good way to stem the distraction for a bit.