How could I do evening exercise when I am exhausted from work in the office whole day?

Elly J.
Find an exercise that you love, like a dance class, or something that helps you unwind like yoga. Or get up early and do your workout before work! It also helps to have a workout buddy that you go to classes/the gym with to hold you accountable – plus it's more fun!
Marcos P.
I find if more successful to change up my sleep schedule to be able to go workout in the mornings. If you need to go workout after work you can motivate yourself by packing a workout bag and taking it with you. And if you really do not feel like working out, put on some energetic workout music and head to the gym anyways. It's good to remember that working out actually gives you more energy than it takes.
Thiago S.
My advice would be to push through the exhaustion, excersise does in fact create energy and stimulate the mind, it might be difficult at first bur push through and you'll be finding it easier and feeling great in no time 😁👍
Chuckiee N.
It’s mental. Tell yourself you can. Believe that you can. Do a simple workout like the 7 minute work out. Do the best you can. Then when you’re done, celebrate! You’ll be so proud of yourself. Then one it’s habit, it’s a lot easier. It’s second nature.
Emilie Z.
Best option…don't exercise in the evening. Try to do it in the morning…like a 20 min walk before coffee, or setting up a mini gym in your basement. I bought a used rowing machine, a mat, and some handweights and mapped out a 24 min high intensity workout that I do in the AM, right after I feed the cat and put the coffee on. I do this twice during the week and once on a weekend. On the in between days I take a 20-30 min walk in my neighborhood.

Working out in the evening never worked for me. I was so tired that I ended up resenting having to do it. No surprise I didnt stick with it long.

Miguel E.
Depending on where you work and how far from home it is, you could go to and from work with a bike or an e-bike. You could bring your workout clothes to work and change into them right after. When you arrive home, start by just going for a short walk in them. Slowly build up that routine and then either go on longer walks, or brisker walks or both. Eventually start running. It doesn't have to be much. Maybe 15-20 minutes. If you do that every day, trust me, things will change.
Eline Z.
What we don't realise is that those are completely different demands from the body. Your body allows you to be mentally exhausted and still workout, and you'll feel great after you do! Just gotta power through the first minutes, and you'll thank yourself after!
Milla X.
What if you would exercise in the morning instead? For me that works better. It gives me energy for the whole day, so I'm not as exhausted after work as I'd be if I didn't exercise. Only 10-minute workout in the morning can change your whole day.. at least it did for me! Then go early to bed to wake up earlier, so you have time to exercise in the morning.. But if you would rather exercising in the evening anyway, I recommend you to take a quick nap right after work (90 minutes works best if you're very exhausted!!) and doing the exercise after that.
Minster S.
Oh dear I know just what you are talking about, being exhausted n unable to days things you really want. You can do a bed exercise. That's helps n better then nothing…
Ovedia B.
Maybe you can plan the evening so you have as little as posible to do in the evening after you get back from work.
That way you will have as few tasks as possible.
You can plan ahead and, if possible, prepare in advance.
So you'll have a "clean head" and almost only one task ahead of you, the workout.
Amberleigh Y.
I found that doing something I loved made it easier for me to exercise. I used to go straight to the pool after work and swim laps. You can also take your dog out for a walk or run. Animals make exercise more fun.
Gitte B.
The thing is, you don’t. Unless you have some miracle pre-workout the nights will ALWAYS be hard. My best advice will be for you to workout in the morning. More than anything, it will actually allow you to have more energy throughout the whole day, and it gets the most dreadful thing out of the way; the workout.
Alexej T.
I tried to work out at least a little, knowing that after training I would have more energy. And I motivate myself, introducing myself in the future, realizing that I am taking a small step towards myself as I want
Phylicia X.
Instead of going home, go somewhere refreshing to your spirit and walk around. A shopping mall, park, museum, or college campus.
Gloria N.
Count your steps throughout the day, turn chores int exercises and do them with upbeat music. Dont forget to celebrate it properly
Lav Nia T.
For evening exercise, I go to the gym straight from work. That way I'm not tempted to skip it by getting busy with something at home.
Sophia U.
Honestly I really feel you there last year after juggling three part time jobs, my bachelor thesis, and classes, I really did not feel like exercising at night. However, one thing I can tell you is that every time I was able to bring myself to exercise I was so much happier and energetic. I think the key for me here was to do something I absolutely love; I used to always do a quick workout at night but I don’t enjoy it so I quickly dropped that habit. However, once I switched it to climbing which is my favorite form of exercise, it was so much easier. Now I don’t see it as a chore, as I have to exercise after work, but rather as a reward. After a long day in school or at work I get to let off steam and enjoy myself while climbing. I hope that helps! You got this 🙂