Is there any reason to do exercise in the morning rather than later in the day?

Briana Y.
Never tried it I actually do want to try it when I get money and a car to buy the membership and I need a Job and driver license also but the reason is I feel like you feel more accomplished and u feel like our gonna be Abel to do more things during the day cause u already completed the gym and idk I might be good for the mental health im not sure
Teodora N.
Not really. Exercise can be done at any point during the day, in my opinion, even though it’s common to think that doing it in the morning makes you feel more refreshed and energetic. It mostly depends on your schedule; some people just can’t make time for exercise in the morning, so they do it later in the afternoon, or even evening (like me), which is also perfectly fine and it still has the same benefit for your body as it would when done in the morning. So basically, no, it doesn’t matter when you exercise, as long as you do it.
Ninon Y.
Well working out in the morning wakes you up, and gets you ready for the day. I personally prefer taking a short walk outside just to get some fresh air, and to get some enegy and fully wake up, which i have noticed is a really great way to start the day.✨️🙌
Emilia N.
I think doing exercise at any time of the day is good but doing exercise in the morning makes me feel more energized and ready for my day and I feel better throughout the whole day. I also do more exercise in the day than just in the morning but even stretching for some time in the morning can make your day better.
Rachel C.
if it is easy to get up and exercise, indulge the feeling and the energy that starts building up inside you. if you face difficulty in raising up, moving yourself, remember the obstacle you overcome in the morning is the one you won’t miss latter that day. i found out that putting my shoes is the most difficult part of my morning training.
Sandra W.
Yes, I seem to burn more calories, have more energy during the day and I am able to get my full workout in before I get tired from my chores and activities of the day.