What excercise is tge best at the beginning

Semira Y.
i just started exercising and the best thing i’ve been doing so far is abs. I do 20-30 second planks, 30 toe touches, 20 side plank dips. you can always change up the amount you do for these exercises, everyone is different. you can really feel the burn when it comes to these but make sure you don’t overstimulate yourself. thank you for the question and have fun on your journey!
Sam N.
Biking or elliptical. They are cardio workout, which burn fat, get your heart rate going and they help build your booty.
Be Z.
It is optional, want big arms do push up, cardio do jumping jack or running, full body workout do seven minutes workout, recommend to do what ever easy workout like do 5 push ups, but keep doing it every single day, than if you get familiar with it increase the amount as you feel like you can. The goal is to start small and easy and comfortable so you can stick with it to make it your habit in the long term.
Andrerick N.
I personally think that yoga is the way to go!! it’s calm and it doesn’t fatigue as much as other exercises. The sun salutations are really great to feel accomplished, refreshed and pumped up. Wish you luck!! you can do it!
Sami T.
Beginners can look for easy exercises in beginner yoga plans or other beginner plans in different apps. The thing is, everything ia individual, and the easiest exercise for me can be the hardest for you. It depends on your preferences about workout and target areas of your body. If you never did a leg workout and wasn't active, you wouldn't find leg focused exercises easy in anyway.
T P Nka Z.
Probably something, you were already doing before. Like walking, streching or running one km. Nothing dificult and it has to be something you like.
Erin Z.
I would recommend for the beginning that you start off with either a short walk or run. If you’re not really a fan of that, my favorites are sit-ups, planks, wall sits, etc. Do what feels best!
Andy Z.
It seems to me that forming a habit is the most important thing. So start with something you can already do so it doesn’t feel really difficult – maybe an air squat or a wall push up. I’m doing push ups and body weight squats right now and just upping the number I do when it gets easy.
Clara Z.
The treadmill is honestly a good way to just get your adrenaline going and lose calories all at the same time. Whether you walk on incline, walk steadily, jog, or even sprint it’s a great way to start your exercise routine.
Crotty X.
I like to do short low impact at home exercise videos. Stay consistent with it, and it'll help to keep you energized and happy. I saw big changes in my mood and energy right away, not so much my body. That's okay though, and I know that any change is good and that i have to be patient. There are a lot of good free workout plans online, and that's a good place to start!
Roz N.
In the beginning, do what comes naturally. Whether that is going to the gym and lifting, or walking around the house/neighborhood.
Andr S I.
A great breakfast would be a healthy one not one full of sugar that will be good for half an hour but a healthy one because even though it may not seem like a great way to start the day a healthy breakfast gives you more energy giving berth to a great day
Sophia U.
Walking is the best way to start exercising. I go to the gym consistently with a training schedule and all credit for that goes to my friends who got me going and help me stay consistent with my growth
Abby W.
According to me if you like slow and composed workouts then yoga is a good place to start. Or if you like to have fun while working out the dance workout is the best.
Nat O Q.
For myself it is about moving your body and making it feel heard and challenged. I like cycling and running but I also enjoy different types of weight workouts. My goal is to find a routine where I do about 3-4 workouts per week. The reasoning behind this being that I know my body likes to sweat! <3
Lucy Q.
Just stretch a little bit each morning for 5 mins and then you can work up to adding strength and calorie burning parts to your “workout”
Sophie Y.
There are many great exercises for beginners but the ones I think are really the best are abdominals, lounges, plank and squats.
Kesari I.
It really depends on what you like to do. Going for a walk outside is a great start. If you have a dog, bring him, if you like music, put on your headphones. Make it as fun as you can.
If you prefer exercising indoors, you might like things such as yoga, aerobics or dancing. I really enjoy aerobic steps. It's easy and you can make it as difficult as you want.
One last tip, try to find YouTube tutorials for a sport you enjoy. That way you can do it whenever you want and you can pause when needed.
Liri T.
Because I don't have the premium I prefer the 1 minute but the 7 minutes it's also really good it's just a little bit more hard for me and also just one minute cuz I don't have time in the morning I use it in the morning routine
Frances S.
I mean I don't know. I started with the abs workout just because i felt like it and i wanted abs. It's really not that deep, everyone can start with any type if exercise they'd like
Alexei F.
I like doing some simple jumping jacks. It gives me some time to ease into exercise and it gets my heart pumping a little. It’s something simple to start off a workout.
Maddison U.
My favorite exercises to do in the mornings are leg crunches and side leg ups! It stretches my body and prepares me for the day!
Steffi N.
Something that you love! Something that doesn’t feel like exercise or a chore then you are more likely to keep it up and build on it! I started with just 5mins of Pilates and now I do around 30mins. But anything that gets you moving – a nice walk around your local streets could be twinned with something fun like taking pictures of all the blue things you see – you could switch the colours everyday. Or just 3mins dance to your favourite song! Morning rave anyone?
Stephen S.
you should start with little exercise time now depends on what you want, if you want to lose weight do abdominal and leg muscles if you want to be more flexible you can go to a channel on youtube called annamcnulty which does training
Apoorva C.
*Never exercised before/rarely exercise + overweight = (Standing high knees × 10 + Standing Jumping Jacks × 10 + Knee push-ups × 5 + 10 sec High plank) repeat 3 times – – – – for 1 week or until these become easier to be done.
Then for next challenge either increase the No. Of movements or increase the no. Of repeats or increase both, only that is achievable to do.
There may be youtube videos also, you look up for them and choose the ones suitable to your level, because it's better to do moves under some guidance than to damage your joints while on your own.
YouTube Channel : April Han
* Have exervised somewhat in the past and now trying to begin and get into routine again = Follow any youtube workout video 'for beginners' and keep going until it becomes quite easy for you. Then you can switch to Workout challenges prepared by You tubers. If those challenges seem hard to you, you can either do the low impact versions as shown there or you can do it on your pace, because the challenges is about you working out, not you matching the pace of the coach of the video.
Some channels are : Chloe Ting, Lily Sabri, Emi Wong.
Stella N.
I enjoy stretching in the morning mainly because it’s very gentle and when I wake up my muscles are usually quite tight. I also have a goal to be more flexible e.g. be able to touch my toes or do the splits. Stretching can also help with growth and I would really like to get taller so my morning routine will always consist of stretches.
Noah O.
The best exercise when you are just beginning is walking. It’s a low impact exercise and you can’t go at your own pace. You will notice after a week that you are able to walk longer distances.
Vanja Z.
The best exercise to begin your workout journey is definitely a plank. It maintains your posture and teaches you how to straighten your core and will help you with your future exercises.
Alina F.
The best exercise at the beginning are the ones where you go outside such as walking, jogging, biking, skateboarding, or rollerblading.
Ellei N.
When I first started using the gym the cross trainer was my best friend it doesn’t require much form or skill just hop on and run it trains your arms and legs using one machine. Start off with a timed goal of half an hour and however many miles you get is your starting point, the next time you go set that as a distance goal and try to do it quicker than last time keep doing this until your time reduces significantly and then try other pieces of equipment
Manon I.
I personally do something that I liked to do in the past like dancing. Even if it’s just silly dancing in my room. Now I want to learn the split so I use the split training app or I just plan that dance class after my work so I need to go before I go home. Just take something that seems fun to you.
Jean Z.
There are a lot of exercises that you can implement from the get go! Running and biking for example is great for cardio, push ups/squats/pull ups are great for strength. Most of these exercises are great to begin with because you can make them as easy or difficult if you want. A pull up might not be easy from the start but you can begin with doing negative pull ups for example. And the other way around would be by using a dipping belt or some other form of weight to make it more difficult. Same goes with push ups. If a regular one is too hard, you can start by pushing yourself away from the wall or from a table. Running can be built up as well as you can start walking or jogging in a slow pace as you steadily build up. Hope you’re getting something out of this. Peace!
William P.
Stretching,, like jumping jacks and then touching your feet when they’re put together, and when they’re apart. Stretch for one foot and then down the middle when your legs are apart. Basic push-ups – maybe with ur knees – can be good too, try doing more sets than reps 🙂 👊🏼🤝
Anannya N.
I usually do 5 min videos from YouTube but I think you can do the ones on the fabulous app too. Skipping, walking are also good forms of exercise, but I think if you are a beginner then start with walking + small workout videos & getting your stamina up & then moving onto more difficult ones
Layla O.
I usually workout watching youtube videos. This helps me feel better because it feels like I’m working out with a friend. I would suggest Kokobo fitness, she is so positive, kind and motivating. Take a look at her videos and find what works best for you. Warm wishes!
Raisa Q.
Well I think for beginning I like to go for something hard and something that suits my goal and is going towards my goal…so I’m doing daisy keech’s hourglass and abs workout!
Laura W.
I love to run… I feel running clears my mind, sends oxygen to my brain and makes me feel healthy. I also do enjoy high intensity interval training
Anna Bella G.
if you want to ease into things i would suggest looking for any beginner circuits online that consists of nothing too hard for you.
Dagmar U.
For me I would say pushups I do 20 short and 20 wide then 5 of each but just do whatever works for you and whatever amount of pushups you are capable of I just got done with my pushups lmao
Christina R.
Actually,I'm more into an workouts so it depends.
I seperate my days into seperate workouts for an example mondayvis leg workout day.like that .hope this helps you.
Andy Z.
I find some stretches, squats and wall push-ups are best since they’re very easy and don’t require much equipment if any
Mary F.
I like doing show stretches in the morning to wake my body up. Especially as I'm older and some joints don't want to move the same.
Erin Q.
it depends, i think if you are going to put it to good use it is a good investment, but if you know for certain you won’t use it, it is better not to spend the money on something you do not need or will not use, i think small exercises are better because then you can gradually build up and know your limits
Shivangi G.
Starting with some walk and then running and skipping is the best way to begin and then moving to yoga and aerobics…. I'm doing it myself and its so relaxing to do…..
Ruby A.
Something short but concrete. Think of something that you can always do, but does not take longer than 2 minutes. Later on once you have incorporated it into your habits you can expand upon it
Lily N.
I like exercises that achieve more goals than the exercise itself. Taking down trash, going grocery shopping or even doing the dishes can be great for getting the heart rate up.
Melanie Q.
For me it’s meditating…it helps gets your mental strength and thoughts in line for the whole day, afterwards, stretching and yoga. And from there I go jogging. I started running by just jogging for 5 mins and brisk walk to keep my heart rate leveled and in a habit. After my jog I reclámate my mental strength by meditating once again. It’s always good to keep up with this routine for it helps you improve yourself esteem and much more.
Universia Q.
I normally do a 20 minute full body workout off YouTube. You can do shorter if you prefer. If I’m having a lazy day I just do a 5 minute stretch, but I only allow myself to do that once a week. You could also just go for a walk/run but I don’t because I get up early and i don’t want to wake the rest of my family up when I leave. Hope this helped 🙂
Florent O.
For beginners walking is a really easy exercise. Also swimming for an hour is not so exhausting but trains every muscle group. I recommend starting with at-home workouts from YouTube and then going to the gym.
Amanda I.
Acho que dançar é um exercício muito bom no início! Eu gosto bastante de dançar, então exercícios com danças sao melhores do que exercícios comuns
Fitzy N.
a good start is doing one push up one day then doing two the next day, three the next and so on, great for developing your front view as well as developing back and shoulders as well
Arpita Z.
The best of them can be a little warmup kind of excercise and in addition some of the small yet Powerful excercises across the world are:
-Surya namaskar (Sun salutations)
– radio taiso
-tai chi
Frida X.
I liked doing 1-3 minute exercises guided by an app on my phone. I also went on walks with my dog. Both of those were easy, since I have to make time for my dog, and everyone has 1-3 minutes where they could be active!
Hayley S.
The best exercises during the beginning are either push ups or if you can’t do that maybe try some knee push ups. Same concept except you’re on your knees instead of feet. Hope this helps
Ruthild F.
Yoga – it is a ancient form of exercise passed by generation with therapeutic benefit . Every early morning after having your glass of water. Do yoga dor 8min and u will feel your lazy bones making sound and the blood in your veins running . It's a good self discovering warm up
Alex G.
I would say the push up, the most well rounded exercise that can be done in so many different methods and work on so many different muscles. Some might say the plank but the plank is way too painful of an exercise to be a beginner exercise.
Aya N.
Any exercise that you can keep consistent and not get tired of. If you start by going too hard on yourself or working yourself for too long, you’re less likely to keep it consistent. Short steps that are continuous are better than long leaps with gaps in between
Libbie W.
squats, sit ups, pull ups, push ups, and lunges are all basic exercises that can be done at home, in a small amount of space. Start with a easy amount, and work your way up to the most you can do.
Savannah U.
I would personally prefer yoga, just because it focuses on small movements and it helps you lose weight while gaining flexibility and strength!
Caroline G.
Plank is the best to do because it helps build core muscles and helps your thighs. 1 minute of planks every day is the best thing to do. The best time to do it is right after school or work then take a shower. Planks are the best to do when you start working out.
Eliana Z.
The best exercise is the one you can do with the things you already have. I also prefer the exercise routine to be at the end of my working hours.
Oliver N.
I like to do a lot of easy waist and leg workouts, just moving them in different ways than I usually do to stretch muscles that I usually don’t.
Holly J.
It all depend on what you like to do. Personally, I like to put some music on with my headphones and dance while preparing my breakfast. If you like to strech, take a moment to strech you shoulders, your legs, lower back and neck. If you like to dance, just dance, even if your not good, just move all your body, you knees, arms and legs. If you prefer concrete exercise, jump and jack or push up are a good way to start, or some morning squat without weight. Just do whatever feels great for you.
Otfried J.
an exercise that makes you loose a solid amount of weight within a month, like 1-3 pounds, but also allows you to be restful and not hurt or over excert yourself.
Rachel R.
Start with small steps. You can start with some simple exercises like push-ups. Start with small sections of maybe five and step up slowly.
Johanne E.
Whatever works for you. If you want to focus on upper body, do some push ups in the morning. The core, some pull ups or crunches. Whatever you like or want to get moving, you should do it first thing
Anatole T.
if it’s the beginning of your exercise journey, i would recommend pilates or a walk around the block. and if you’re feeling energized, a LIGHT cardio.
Hayley S.
I think that planks are the best exercise at the beginning because they help build muscle on your arms as well as your abs and overtime you will be able to add more time and get stronger.
Dmg N.
Stretching and light yoga. It helps you start slow to work I to things and start listening to your body. Then you can change the method or create your light and intense days.
Christoffer Z.
Hi! I would recommend just some simple stretches and jogs to start off with! If you like doing any type of sports I would personally recommend rollerskating! It’s a great way to work out your lower body strength and very fun!
No Lie S.
Going for a pleasant relaxing walk outside, you don’t need to go too fast or too hard just make it enjoyable so you want to do it again tomorrow
Dan S.
Light yoga like yin yoga is a good stretch for the body and holding the poses strengthens muscles without being too strenuous
Self Made X.
In the beginning of the day, I prefer cardio workouts. A simple walk, a nice jog, or some lounges are my favorite to start the day.
Chantelle N.
I think a simple walk which you can start with being 10 mins or a certain number of steps. You can then work up in time or the number of steps you do.

I also think some stretches in the morning or evening are a help or you could do a really simple 10 minute yoga routine.

Think about what you might enjoy initially as well. If your doing something you enjoy your more likely to do it. And when your doing that you might want to try something new, different or more challenging.

Edelgard Z.
I think a few minutes of yoga or stretching is the best way to form a habit of get moving in the morning. Something simple, but that will get you in that mindset of exercise. You can latter on change from yoga to push ups, dancing, walking, and so on until your activity of desire.
Edmero P.
Something short and easy like 10 squats on a rushed morning. Or my favorite is to follow a yoga video for however much time I have.
Eva E.
I do CrossFit everyday! If you are looking for something to gradually get better at, CrossFit is the one!

If you’re looking to start even smaller, get up and go for a walk! Record your walk. Listen to relaxing music. Smell the nature around you. Look at the sky and the trees. Be present.

Monica G.
Well if you starting I'd stay with just a light workout and focus more on strength and not cardio. Depending on what muscle you want to work on depends on what excersice you do. For example let's say I want to work on leg muscles, I would probably do something like squats or if I wanted to work on core strength I could try doing some sit-ups. YouTube or online is also a great option to find just what your looking for ! 🙂
Julia O.
i think if you are a beginner and want to start the gym start by doing exercises with lighter weights or with your body weight. if you just want to be more active maybe try some cardio and if you want something slow but that will keep you in shape try yoga or pilates.
Jecima Z.
U must be very flexible
So I guess u must start with stretching
Then u may do abs exercise
Push ups, pull ups………
Might help
Jacqueline O.
Whichever you're actually able to do – and keep doing. Since you're probably still building the habit, it's, in my opinion, better to start with something 'easy', and to add challenges as it becomes routine, rather than start with a huge challenge from the start.
Nicoline W.
To start with some simple hitt workouts are great but overtime progress to more challenging ones, cardiovascular and even some strength exercises
Ana P.
The best exercise for me to start my day is a short morning jog and/or stretching. As a dancer, stretching helps me wake my body and stay flexible.
Jayden X.
For my ten minute exercise I do in the morning, I do a couple of jumping jacks and a set of squats. If you are working out for a longer period of time I would start off with a nice walk either outside or a moderate pace on a treadmill
Oliver N.
I tend to stretch and do light exercises like planking, air cycling, etc. and then end the time with stretching so my muscles don’t cramp up
Maria A.
The best exercise is always the one that makes you feel good. It doesn’t matter how many calories your burning or how trendy it is, always choose the workout that makes you feel even better after finish.
Rosa A.
Well i would just say that any easy are good enough like jumping jacks or streching running or walking a small circle around ur school or any buildings.
Andreea N.
It's good anything you like but start easy but if you don't like to do exercise you can put your favourite song and dance on it,it worked for me.